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Behavior of Cement Concrete Using Recycled Concrete Aggregates

The requirement of concrete aggregate in India is large. Corresponding to the current annual production of cement of 300 million tons, total requirement of coarse and fine aggregate for use in cement concrete, mortar and plasters of about 1500 metric tons per year is a safe estimate. There is difficulty in obtaining natural aggregates within economic distances. Search for alternate sources of aggregates thus assumes importance. One such alternative is recycled concrete aggregate derived from construction and demolition wastes, which allow conservation of natural resources and land.

Historical Development Of Roads In India

Historical Development Of Roads In India

Transportation contributes to the economic, industrial, social and cultural development of any country. Transportation is vital for the economic development of any region since every commodity produced whether it is food, clothing, industrial products or medicine needs transport at all stages from production to distribution. The inadequate transportation facilities retard the process of socio-economic development …

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