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Engineering is a popular path for many who excel in STEM subjects.
Engineering is a broad subject that encompasses many specific fields, some which overlap and some which are drastically different.
An Engineering degree can set you up for a bright and rewarding career as engineers are highly sought-after by employers. These are the people who design new processes and come up with innovative solutions that impact our daily lives.
It offers great job prospects as engineers are highly paid professionals, valued for their skill and technical knowledge.
While some students find it easy to decide which field to head into, others struggle to settle on the best route for them.
The programme can be challenging and rigorous no matter the chosen discipline, so it’s wise to determine which field you would be most keen pursue long before starting college.
Take this quiz to find out this type of engineer you are – based on six of the most popular engineering degrees: computer engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering and chemical engineering.

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