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Location: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Industry: Consumer electronics
Employee quote: “Our team is small and agile, but has the resources to allow us to perform well. The workload is high, but the results are also high — continually creating true value for LG.”
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
Industry: Military and defense
Employee quote: “I can actually talk with the team about technical issues, but they also have a sense of humor.”
Location: Itasca, Illinois
Industry: Semiconductors
Employee quote: “My team is always helpful and will provide proper guidance when needed. They’re knowledgeable in terms of the products and process, and can collaborate easily when it comes to new technology.”
Location: Dearborn, Michigan
Industry: Automotive and transportation
Employee quote: “I have an amazing hard working team. We have very techie smart people in the company who have helped us to troubleshoot many issues.”
Location: Logan, Utah
Industry: Sporting goods
Employee quote: “Working at iFit is one of the highlights of my career. I’m surrounded by smart, hard-working, friendly people. It’s a fun, friendly, energetic place to work.”
Location: Wilmington, North Carolina
Industry: Financial services
Employee quote: “There is a strong sense of community and desire to enhance each other’s understanding of the product for the greater benefit of the team and the company as a whole.”
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “High velocity, eager to build new features while taking care of tech debt and infrastructure. Clear vision and strong execution.”
Location: New York, New York
Industry: FinTech
Employee quote: “Everyone is very dedicated to the Stash mission and more than open to taking on any tasks you need help with. Coming on as a lower level engineer has been great for me in my career development.”
Location: San Jose, California
Industry: Telecommunications
Employee quote: “Talented and motivated team that boosts creativity, productivity and efficiency with a great support in bringing the team members up to speed in their upskilling and engagement.”
Location: New Britain, Connecticut
Industry: Consumer goods
Employee quote: “Everyone is super competitive for the company to be at the top; it feels like we’re on a sports team together. I’m inspired every day by these feisty folks.”
Location: Lehi, Utah
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “High-levels of collaboration, both in-person and remotely. They support and challenge me, and they provide candid feedback.”
Location: Provo, Utah
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “The team is smart, scrappy, and really cares about what we are doing. I find myself impressed time and again with the quality of the interactions I have with my peers on a regular basis.”
Location: Sunnyvale, California
Industry: Biotech and pharmaceuticals
Employee quote: “My manager does a good job of keeping the team tight knit while also providing the freedom for individual development.”
Location: Santa Clara, California
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “On my team everyone is striving to learn and improve themselves, listens to feedback, and makes an effort to get along.”
Location: San Francisco, California
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “The team is strong and nimble at Nextdoor. We work well and control our own roadmap.”
Location: Belmont, California
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “No one seems afraid to provide or receive feedback and it always comes across as an earnest desire to improve the team and the product.”
Location: Santa Monica, California
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “Everyone is very passionate and seems to care about doing things right instead of pushing out poor quality work for the sake of deadlines.”
Location: Oakland, California
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “Everyone brings their “A” game to their projects and also cares about other projects on the team (even if they’re not attached to them directly).”
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “We get to work on complex problems and everyone is very knowledgeable and eager to mentor and assist. I feel like my contributions are valued and my opinion is considered.”
Location: Mountain View, California
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “Very professional, easy to brainstorm together and find a quick solution to every kind of problem. My colleagues are kind, and will not hesitate to assist and help solve issues together if needed.”
Location: Dania Beach, Florida
Industry: Retail
Employee quote: “Ideas are evaluated based on merit rather than whose idea it was. We hold each other accountable for continually making our codebases and processes better.”
Location: Santa Monica, California
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “We are multi-discipline and diverse engineers that contribute to the product as well as to the culture.”
Location: Mountain View, California
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “My team is filled with a bunch of really sharp folks from different backgrounds. People are generally open to new ideas, respectful of one another, and great to collaborate with.”
Location: Armonk, New York
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “My team is very supportive. They are always ready to help, and our interaction is also so good. I never feel alone.”
Location: New York, New York
Industry: Technology
Employee quote: “Our team is the best. Most everyone is capable, enjoys each others’ presence, and is eager to help one another. Nobody is too worried about taking time to assist.”
The latest group of rankings from workplace culture site Comparably highlights where employees are happiest with their specific team. That’s based on questions workers answered on Comparably, such as those about compensation and company benefits. Comparably published the companies with the best teams in marketing, engineering, and a few others.
These rankings were based on employee responses from March 2021 and March 2022. Employee responses were all anonymous. Only ratings from workers in engineering teams were used to develop the engineering department ranking.
Based on this method, UiPath ranked at the top of the engineering team ranking. This company also ranked 19th on this year’s Global Company Culture list from Comparably and ranked 25th on this year’s list of large companies with the Best Company Outlook.
The above locations, industries, and employee quotes all come from the workplace culture site and were shared with Insider. The full engineering team list can be found on Comparably. 
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