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In this article, we list out the Top 10 Construction Companies in India 2020. As the modern civilization progresses, the growth of infrastructure as well. We know that India is a highly populated country, hence there is a lot of scopes present in the infrastructure sector too. In big cities we find many wonderful buildings, but have we ever notice the construction behind it, who makes these buildings? We are going to talk about this in today’s article. We are going to talk about Top 10 construction companies in India 2020.
Keep in mind that we prepare this list and ranking of these companies on the basis of our research and analysis. Therefore, We request you to visit the company’s website once before making an important decision. However, you can use our list as a reference. Besides these, We also mention the link of companies website.
LNT was founded back in 1938 by Soren Kristian Toubro and Henning Holck Larsen. This company primarily focus on Construction, Engineering and IT. Moreover, it also manufactures financial goods. Also, one of the best Construction companies in India. This company has built several key projects of India like Metro Rail in Various Cities, Smart City Project, India’s First Nuclear Powered Submarine, Moon and Mars Mission as well. To know about this company in detail you can visit this site at the address
DLF stands for Delhi Land and Finance, which was founded back in 1946 by Raghvendra Singh Chaudhary. Its headquarter is in Delhi. Talking about some popular Real estate project that DLF has built in past are as follows:
You can visit their official site to know more about them i.e.
Tata is already ruling the Steel and Iron sector of India. However, they are also booming the Construction sector now. There are various popular projects that Tata has built in past such as the Transmission line from Saharsa to Gopalgunj which is approximately equal to 202 Km. To get more details about this company visit their official site at
The part of Reliance Group which plays in the Construction sector too. Reliance Infra is also one of the largest Construction companies in India. This company is introduced in India back in 1929.
Headquarters in Noida, this company focus n Construction, and Engineering sector. Also, grip on the Cement as well as the Real estate sector. To know more about this company please take a reference from their official site i.e.
Headquarters in Mumbai Maharastra and Led by Mr. Vikas Oberoi. This company primarily takes the projects based on Maharastra. They are experts in building Infrastructure and Residential Space. To get the overall insight about this firm visit
This firm primarily provides services related to Infrastructure and Thermal Power. However, they do projects on Construction as well. Right now, this company operates in South Asia, Middle East, Asia Pacific and lot more. Vist their official site to know more.
Headquarters in New Delhi, Unitech Recently become the largest real estate builder in our Country. In Forbes global listing of Top 2000 companies, it grabs the position of 1484. Moreover, This company primarily takes projects about Highway, Transmission lines, Power Houses etc. To Know more about this company visit
Another company in our list whose headquarter is in New Delhi. This Company plays the key role in the Power sector of India, but it also takes construction projects as well. Let me tell you this company contributes to the construction of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Moreover, it also expands the projects of Indra Gandhi International Airport as well. Beside Airport it also built some highways as well such as Hyderabad to Vijayawada, Adloor to Pchanpalli etc. Visit the site to know more about it.
Gammon India is one of the largest Civil Engineering Companies in India. Its headquarter is present in Mumbai. Moreover, Its notable Projects are Foundation of Gateway of India in 1919 according to Wiki. It also builds the Longest Railway Tunnel in Asia i.e. for Konkan Railway. However, to know more about this company Visit its site
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