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Mechanical Engineering (511,440) is the most Googled job in the world – but not the most Googled job in the UK where people would rather search to become an estate agent or prison officer.
Taking a deep dive, Brother UK has analysed a year’s worth of Google search data to revealing the most popular job searches.
There have been over 10 million specific job searches entered into Google over the last 12 months.
The most Googled jobs across the globe:
Mechanical Engineering (511,440).
Accountant (406,920).
Teaching Assistant (274,560).
Chemical Engineering (52,800).
Civil Engineering (37,800).
Graphic Designer (32,840).
Social Worker (23,880).
UK's most Googled jobs from the last 12 months:
Teaching Assistant (288,400).
Estate Agent (105,700).
Project Manager (99,300).
Prison Officer (98.400).
Accountant (88,800).
Social worker (85,500).
Councillor (82,500).
Photographer (81,000).
Graphic Designer (74,700).
The most popular jobs in the UK
UK search data shows the nation is keen to teach, with over 288,000 people searching Google for Teaching Assistant jobs in the last 12 months. Teaching Assistant came out top for England, Scotland and Wales, however, was pipped to the post by Nursing in Northern Ireland.
Estate Agent is the second most Googled job in the UK, followed by Project Manager and Prison Officer.
Photography jobs were also amongst the most searched for. There were more than 81,000 searches in the last 12 months, suggesting the nation is keen to snap some shots.
When it comes to industries, jobs in the Public Sector were notably high, with social work, counselling, and nursing all appearing in the top 10. It seems the UK has high demand for these jobs, too, with secondary education teaching professionals, social workers and nurses all appearing on the UK’s shortage occupation list.
The most searched for jobs in Europe
So, whilst the UK is searching for careers in the classroom, what about the rest of Europe?
Translator wins the title for the most Googled job in Europe, with most searches coming from Spain. If you do bag a job as a translator in Spain, you can expect to earn approximately €19,715 a year.
Visual Merchandising is the second most searched job, with over 10,000 searches coming from Germany. Interestingly, Glassdoor users in Germany voted IKEA as the best company to work for in this field of work.
Surprisingly, the search term ‘music jobs’ came in third place, most popular in Italy, appearing as the country’s most searched for job sector. The industry appears to be thriving, according to the Italia Creativa Report, over 1.44 billion euros of revenue from concerts, dance activities and musical performances represent almost 50 per cent of the value of the Italian music industry.
The world’s most searched for jobs, overall
Combining all countries from around the globe, mechanical engineering still tops the charts, with the majority of searches driven from India, Philippines and Saudi Arabia.
In India, on average, a mechanical engineer will be paid Rs 340,000 a year – equivalent to £3663.91.
Whilst the cost of living is much higher in the UK, if you’re a mechanical engineer here, you can expect to make around £30,449 a year, according to figures on PayScale.
Accounting came a close second, with almost half a million searches in the US and Canada alone. Teaching assistant made the top three – most searches driven from the UK and Ireland, along with social work which came in seventh place.
The search for science and technology jobs
As we know, mechanical engineering is the most searched for job in the world and with education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) becoming increasingly desirable, the profession racked up almost a million searches in the past year, so who are the top searchers – and where’s the demand?
Whilst India is the top searching country, Bangladesh, Lebanon and Ethiopia are also on the search for mechanical engineering jobs.
People living in Nigeria are interested in microbiology, with a scientist earning 732,000NN (Nigerian Naira) a year, which is equivalent to £1,605. The average salary in this country is 658, 324NN a year, so this job would make you a high earner.
The data is available in a downloadable format – Click Here
Picture: Mechanical Engineering is the most Googled job in the world.
Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 10 July 2019
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