This 15-Year-Old Rich Kid From Dubai Just Got His Ferrari Wrapped in Louis Vuitton Print – Interesting Engineering

Dubai is synonymous with gaudy car designs, gargantuan skyscrapers and other quirky, somewhat extreme displays of wealth.
Rashed Saif Belhasa or “Money Kicks” as he’s known on social media is one perfect example of this. The teenager’s online presence seems to be dedicated to showing off his excessively lavish lifestyle in the Emirate and around the world. His father happens to be Dubai construction billionaire Saif Ahmed Belhasa, the chairman of Saif Belhasa Group of Companies. 
He’s also popular online with sneaker-heads due to his 200,000 strong collection of luxury trainers, worth US$1 million. Belhasa is even more well-known for his Instagram which boasts 661,000 followers. It features multiple shots of the 15-year-old boy posing with; pet tigers, lions, celebrities and a fleet of high-end cars which includes a chauffeur-driven SUV — made to look like a Yeezy sneaker on wheels.
It should be noted that Rashed can’t drive any of the cars he owns. The driving age in Dubai is 18.
Nevertheless, “Money Kicks” definitely doesn’t shy away from flagrant displays of his astonishing wealth. His latest antic involves wrapping a US$250,000 a formerly yellow Ferrari F12berlinetta in a red Louis Vuitton/Supreme collaboration print. Belhasa filmed the experience for his YouTube channel which has 840,000 loyal followers.
In a video titled “MY NEW LV SUPREME FERRARI!!!” the boy, clad in more Supreme/Louis Vuitton gear, takes viewers into FoilX, an auto workshop in Dubai which specializes in wrapping luxury automobiles in a range of custom designs.
 According to FoilX general manager Mohamed Ali Atish, what usually takes close to a week to produce was done in 24 hours for the pubescent VIP.
 “Usually, we would take around three to four days for wrapping a car, but as this was an extra­ordinary job and exceptional client, it took us 24 hours to produce and wrap the entire vehicle to have it ready for delivery,” he told The National.
When the final product was unveiled for Belhasa he exclaimed in the clip filmed by a professional London film crew, “Oh my God, this is the best car in Dubai, the best car in the world,” he is heard saying. A driver is then seen taking him for a ride through the desert just outside the Middle Eastern metropolis.

Belhasa’s other clips mostly follow the same ilk of excess. He also recently met up with another famous Instagrammer when he patronized Salt Bae’s restaurant in Dubai. In another, he’s seen in DJ Khaled’s mansion in Miami where he and the hip hop heavy weight shared their love for sneakers with the music producer showing off his entire room full of shoes.

The young and privileged entrepreneur’s plas is expanding his social media empire into apparel and other ventures.
 “I’m stocking two (Money Kicks) clothing lines…we’re taking this seriously.” revealed Belhasa to CNN.
Via: CNNThe National


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