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Research graduate salaries in construction industry jobs, including those in civil engineering, structural engineering, construction management, architecture, quantity surveying and building surveying.
The median graduate salary at built environment employers is £28,000, according to the ISE… but how representative is that figure?
The pay packets of many graduate construction professionals (for example, the salary of a graduate civil engineer, a graduate quantity surveyor, a graduate site manager and an architectural assistant) can be said to be broadly in line with those of many other graduate jobs – although not reaching the heights of those working in law or investment banking. We look at how much your starting salary could be in a range of construction jobs and at a range of employers. We also investigate how much you could earn as you gain more experience.
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Below are the starting salaries for graduate programmes at the big construction, engineering and quantity surveying employers. These employers typically pay the highest salaries. Where a range is mentioned, your salary will either differ according to location or due to your job role (engineers typically earn more, for example). NB: figures refer to 2022 salaries unless otherwise indicated; where we say ‘reported’ or ‘said’, the information has come from salary survey sites rather than the employer.
The Institute of Student Employers’ (ISE’s) 2021 annual survey of its members cited the median graduate salary at built environment employers as £28,000. This is in line with many of the salaries at the top employers listed above, but the ISE membership comprises the biggest recruiters. So, this figure might not be representative of the entire industry.
Graduates interested in pay might find the Hays UK Salary & Recruiting Trends 2021 survey more useful: it compiled salary data from candidates placed in jobs by the recruitment agency Hays in 2020 and published in 2021. Some of the results are below.
Where these figures are lower than the salaries for the specific employers listed above, it reflects the fact that agencies work with construction companies of all types and sizes, not just the leading names offering the highest salaries.
When investigating and comparing salaries, it’s not always wise to immediately go for the employer that offers the highest amount of pay. Take into account other factors such as:
You may well find that an employer who pays a lower salary makes up for it in the overall remuneration package or the work/life balance they offer you.
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