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Worried you won’t achieve a 2.1? Never fear – there are numerous engineering employers who recruit engineers with 2.2s for their graduate schemes.
The tough graduate jobs market can make students feel under pressure to achieve a 2.1. Meeting this standard will make finding a graduate engineering job easier; however, if you can’t achieve this, don’t despair. Even among leading engineering employers, there are still plenty who will consider graduate engineers with 2.2s.
The following employers accept applications from engineers with 2.2s for at least some of their graduate schemes or do not specify particular degree requirements. NB this is not an exhaustive list!
Don’t forget about opportunities with smaller employers too; they may often be more flexible on your degree result.
Keep in mind that your application will be competing against those of graduates with 2.1s and firsts. To be offered a place on the graduate scheme, you’ll therefore need to outperform these candidates in other ways, both at the application and interview/assessment stages. Use our advice on applications and interviews and work experience to ensure that you present yourself in the best possible way and demonstrate your commitment to a career in the employer’s industry.
Mitigating circumstances are situations beyond your control that affected your degree result, such as periods of illness (more than just freshers’ flu) or bereavement. They also include Covid-related reasons. For example, if your studies were affected because you or a family member suffered from Covid-19.
If your degree classification was lower than expected because of mitigating circumstances, you can often apply for roles that require a 2.1, provided you include information about how your studies were affected. For example, BP’s online application form gives you the option to state whether there are mitigating circumstances for your degree result.
So, if you spot that an employer you want to apply to states that it requires a 2.1 or above, don’t give up just yet. First, have a closer look on its graduate recruitment website (particularly the FAQ section if it has one) to see if it mentions mitigating circumstances. If not, contact the recruitment team (either over email, phone or at a careers event) to ask if they would consider your application. Be ready to explain your situation.
You can also read our advice on how to approach employers about mitigating circumstances and what to say .
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