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GATE 2022: The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2022 has been concluded on Sunday, February 13. GATE exams were held for a total 29 papers this year- Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Architecture and Planning, Bio-Medical Engineering, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Chemistry, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Ecology and Evolution, Geomatics Engineering, Geology and Geophysics, Instrumentation Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Enigneering, Petroleum Engineering, Physics, Production and Industrial Engineering, Statistics, Textile Engineering and Fibre Science, Engineering Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Life Sciences.
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As per candidates and experts, the Mechanical Engineering (ME) paper on the last day of the GATE exam, February 13 was analysed as difficult. Meanwhile, the Civil Engineering paper on February 12 was reviewed as ‘moderately difficult’. However, the Electronics and Communication Engineering paper of February 6 and Computer Science Engineering paper of February 5 were reviewed as easy.
GATE 2022: Check Shift-Wise Detail Analysis
February 13
According to MN Ramesh, Academic Head -GATE, BYJU’s Exam Prep, the paper was moderately difficult. “In the first shift of the paper, there were 25 MCQ, 5 MSQ, and 35 NAT questions. MSQs
were theoretical in nature. Manufacturing Engineering and Heat Transfer received the most weightage in the first shift of GATE,” said the academic head.
The GATE 2022 Mechanical Engineering (ME) paper in both the sessions, as per Umesh Dhande, Director, GATE Academy had the toughest level of questions. “If we compare the difficulty level of ME paper with the question papers of last six years, today’s paper had the toughest questions,” the Director added.
February 12
The Civil Engineering exam in both the shifts were reviewed as According to a GATE tutor Atul Garg, the overall difficulty level of the paper was “moderate to tough”. Section wise, the expert analysed the General Aptitude questions as tough, while questions from Mathematics were analysed as moderate to tough. “The maximum questions (35) were MCQ type, NAT- 23 questions, MSQ- 7 questions,” he reviewed.
There were unexpected questions from Shear Design in RCC subject, the expert informed, adding that Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering have the highest weightage of marks (11 marks each).
Director of GATE Academy, Umesh Dhande analysed the GATE CE paper as “moderately difficult.” “In the paper framed by IIT Kharagpur, the number of MSQ questions differed in some branches. The paper followed the standard of GATE exam ,” he said.
Anurag Sharma, a GATE aspirant said that the Civil Engineering paper was a bit difficult, with questions from Mathematics, General Aptitude were tough. “The paper found to be a bit difficult, with Maths and General Aptitude have tough questions. There were fewer MSQ type questions, while around 35 questions were MCQ type,” he said. Mr Sharma appeared in the forenoon shift.
February 6
The candidates who have appeared in the Electronics and Communication Engineering paper on Sunday, February 6 analysed it as easy. Mridul Mittal, a GATE aspirant told Careers360 that the Electronics and Communication Engineering paper was easy to attempt. “The paper was balanced, with questions were found to be a mix of easy and difficult, following the pattern of GATE exam. There were total 14 MSQ type questions, MCQ- 33, NAT- 18.”
According to a GATE tutor Atul Garg, the overall paper in Electronics and Communication Engineering was moderately difficult. Section wise, the expert analysed the General Aptitude questions as easy to moderate, network theory and digital as easy, while questions from Mathematics were analysed as slightly difficult. “The maximum questions (33) were MCQ type, NAT- 18 questions, MSQ- 14 questions,” he analysed.
February 5
The candidates who appeared on Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics paper on the first day of GATE 2022 on Saturday, February 5 were reviewed as moderately difficult. Umesh Dhande, Director of GATE Academy analysed the difficulty level of the Computer Science Engineering paper as ‘easy to moderate’. “In GATE 2022, there were more Multiple Select Questions (MSQs) in the CSE exam in comparison to last year. In Paper 1, there were 32 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), 10 numerical answer types (NATs), and 15 MSQs,” the expert said. Weightage Analysis- Computer Network (11 Marks), Theory of Computation (10 Marks), Algorithms (9 Marks), Data Structures and Programming (9 Marks), Computer Organization (8 Marks), Databases (7 Marks), Operating Systems (6 Marks), Compiler Design (5 Marks), Digital Logic (5 Marks).
MN Ramesh, Academic Head -GATE, BYJU’s Exam Prep reviewed the Computer Science Engineering paper as easy, but the questions in General Aptitude were a bit difficult, while the quantitative aptitude section was moderately difficult. “Engineering Mathematics was worth 6 marks, while Discrete Mathematics was worth 9 marks. The MSQ portions were given more weightage this year,” the expert analysed.
For the Electrical Engineering and Mathematics which was held in the afternoon shift, the experts analysed the paper as was moderately difficult, with questions on electromagnetic fields were difficult. The candidates can expect a cut-off around 30- 33.
Weightage Analysis- Electrical Machines (12 Marks), Power Electronics (11 Marks), Signal & Systems (8 Marks), Power System (8 Marks), Control System (8 Marks), Electric Circuits (7 Marks), Analog Electronics (7 Marks), Electromagnetics (7 Marks).
The response sheet for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2022 exam will be released on Tuesday, February 15. The answer key for GATE will be available on February 21. Once released, candidates can check GATE answer keys on the official website –
The scorecards for GATE 2022 will be available to download from March 21 onwards on the official website –
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