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Getting your foot in the door of any of the big tech companies can be difficult. But even with the right contacts and connections to help you make your first move, you’ll still need a cover letter and resume that will stand out. These cover letter templates that will get you jobs at Google, Amazon and Microsoft can help you do just that. 

Whether you’re looking for a role in engineering, sales, service, or otherwise, big tech companies are often the employers offering the highest salaries, best benefits, and unlimited opportunity for growth. Because of their esteemed reputation, jobs at companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft are in high demand, so having a stand-out application is necessary.

Cover letters today are often sent in the body of an email rather than an attachment, but they work the same way. Basically, you want your cover letter to be enticing enough so that the recruiter or hiring manager will actually look at your resume. Draw them in by describing how you’re the perfect person for the job. 

A cover letter is an opportunity to sell yourself through your writing. Let your letter’s narrative tell the story of you and leave the reader wanting to get to know more about you. Instead of just telling the reader what you can do, you can show them by writing in an approachable and enthusiastic way about your experience and achievements.

It’s also of the utmost importance to tailor your cover letter to the exact position that you’re aiming to land. While this is pretty standard cover letter advice, the applicant pool at companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft are so large that it’s imperative to write a cover letter that addresses exactly what you can do within the role that you hope to land. 

When it comes to cover letter templates for employers at big tech companies, it’s best to take a queue from the experts. The following cover letter examples from across the web can help give you an idea of exactly what companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft are looking for. 

Although the standard format is a great starting point, for tech companies where the competition is stiff, having an application that stands out is crucial, so you’ll want to draw some inspiration from the following cover letter template examples to jazz up your cover letter. 

1. By the book cover letter template
The book, The Google Resume by Gayle Laakman McDowell includes a wealth of information about how to approach resumes, recruiting, references, and more for big tech companies regardless of the role that you’re after. In chapter six, you’ll find detailed information about how to craft a cover letter that will impress even the toughest tech recruiters. 

2. Out of the box cover letter template
When in doubt, taking a page out of the book of someone who actually landed a job at one of the top tech companies — Google in this case — can help set you up for success. This memorable application and cover letter template published by Business Insider got Alyson Shontell in the door at Google. It’s full of personality and shows off her diversity of thought and creativity. 

3. Entry-level job cover letter template
When you’re just starting out, a job at one of the top tech companies may seem out of reach, but in reality, you can land an entry-level position with a standout application. This cover letter template from Vault offers an example of a standard cover letter for those just starting out in the tech arena.

4. IT job cover letter template
At big tech companies, many of the roles have an IT component, but tailoring a cover letter to an IT role and all of the technical aspects that come with it can be challenging. This cover letter template from Zety showcases an attention-grabbing way to address an IT skillset. 

5. Creative beginning cover letter template
Because the introductory paragraph of your cover letter is what will prompt the hiring manager or recruiter to continue reading, it’s important to make sure that the beginning of your cover letter sparks their interest.

How to format your cover letter
Regardless of where you draw your inspiration from, just like when writing a cover letter for any other job application, the following format can help guide you and make sure that you hit all of the right notes within your letter. 

Once you have an idea of what type of cover letter template that you’ll use to apply to roles at companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft, the following tips can help you flesh out the exact content that will work well for your specific application. 

Research is key for crafting a great cover letter. Luckily, there is a ton of information available out there on how each of these big tech companies operates so that you can keep the company’s needs front and center as you craft your cover letter

Depending on the position you’re after, you’ll want to make sure that you not only study the job description thoroughly but see what you can find online about the specifics of this type of role and similar roles with comparable companies to help round out the details of your cover letter

Even for a major corporation like Google, Amazon, or Microsoft, sometimes less is more. You want your cover letter to be succinct. Avoid long paragraphs and use bullet points to highlight important stats and facts to help the reader hit all the high points quickly.

Your cover letter should describe who you are and what you can do for the company, but also leave room for questions and conversation past the cover letter and resume phase of the hiring process. 

Not having every single skill listed in the job description shouldn’t stop you from applying for roles with these tech giants. Innovation, creativity, and a drive to succeed are key elements that make candidates stand out despite not having the exact skills listed.
You may in fact have a combination of skills that can exceed expectations, and your cover letter is the perfect opportunity to showcase these abilities.


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