UAE jobs guide: Salary scales for most in-demand vacancies revealed; earn up to Dh200,000 – wknd.

Sunday, Oct 02, 2022 | Rabi Al-Awwal 7, 1444
Published: Wed 17 Nov 2021, 11:34 AM
Last updated: Wed 17 Nov 2021, 1:33 PM
With Covid-19 cases at an all-time low in the UAE, the economy has started to boom and companies have started hiring again. With new visa schemes and permits, the UAE government is also making it easy for expats to move here.
Michael Page’s 2022 UAE salary and hiring insights guide has offered some interesting takeaways when it comes to salary benchmarks, in-demand positions, key skills and experiences.
According to the report, some of the most in-demand jobs offer salaries ranging from Dh10,000 to Dh200,000 per month.
Jon Ede, regional director – Middle East, PageGroup, writes in the Foreword: “With the very successful launch of the long-awaited Expo 2020 Dubai, coupled with the UAE’s overall positive handling of the pandemic and other government initiatives, a significant return in market confidence has led to a strong recovery in the UAE job market.
“A catalyst for change, the pandemic has cemented a long-term impact on the world of work as we knew it. Never has it been more important to understand what attracts, motivates and helps retain talent – understanding these aspects should influence any organisations’ hiring management strategy moving forward.”
Here are some of the most sought-after positions in the UAE, with pay scales, according to the 2022 UAE salary and hiring insights guide:
1. Investments Associate
2. Finance Manager – Investments
3. Institutional Sales – Director, Associate
4. Compliance Manager
5. Corporate Development / Investments – Manager / Director
6. Fund Finance Manager
A Wholesale Banking Head (EVP) can make up to Dh147,000 per month; while a Relationship Officer can get up to Dh25,000.
Industry Roles
1. Corporate Strategy & Planning professionals
2. Business Project & Transformation professionals
3. Strategic Partnership / JV / BD professionals
External Consulting
1. Public Sector
2. Tech & Digital
An entry-level job in Corporate Strategy & Planning pays up to Dh28,000 per month; and goes all the way up to Dh120,000 for senior leadership roles. Analysts / Associates in management/strategy consulting can make up to Dh25,000 per month.
Industry Roles
1. Data Engineering professionals
2. Industry specific Analytics professionals
3. Senior leadership across Data Analytics & Science
Data Science
1. Predictive Analytics focused professionals
2. Statisticians
A Chief Data Officer can make up to Dh140,000 per month; while a Data Analytics Manager can get up to Dh55,000 per month.
1. User Experience Design
2. Growth-focused Digital Marketing
3. Product Development
4. Digital Transformation Project Management
5. E-commerce Leadership
A Digital Marketing Head makes up to Dh60,000 per month; while a Social Media Manager can get up to Dh30,000.
1. COO
2. General Manager
3. Plant Manager
4. Business Excellence Manager
5. R&D Manager
A COO starts out with a Dh60,000 per month salary, which can go all the way up till Dh100,000. A Production Engineer can make up to Dh12,000 per month.
1. Regional Head of Finance / Finance Director
2. Tax Managers (Direct & Indirect)
3. Credit Manager / Controller
4. Internal Audit / Risk Manager
5. FP&A Manager / Senior Analyst
A Group/Regional CFO at an SME can make up to Dh120,000 per month, which goes all the way up till Dh200,000 at MNCs. A Finance Manager can make up to Dh45,000 per month, while a General Ledger Accountant can get up to Dh15,000.
1. Nurse
2. Laboratory Technician
3. Doctor / Physician
Life Sciences
1. Regional Sales Manager
2. Marketing Manager
A nurse can make up to Dh15,000 a month; while an in-charge can get up to Dh30,000. A surgeon can make up to Dh160,000 per month; while a junior doctor starts out at Dh40,000. A Laboratory Technician can make anywhere between Dh8,000 to Dh15,000 per month. A Medical Director gets up to Dh85,000 a month.
1. Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Manager/Specialist
2. Regional HR Manager (ideally with exposure to Saudi Arabia)
3. Talent & Performance Management Specialist
An HR Director starts out at Dh50,000 per month, which goes up till Dh75,000. An HR Coordinator can make up to Dh25,000 per month.
1. Operations Manager
2. Project Manager
3. Commissioning / Decommissioning Manager
4. Design Manager
5. Estimating / Cost Manager
An Operations Manager gets between Dh40,000 to Dh50,000 per month, while an Electrical Manager can make up to Dh45,000.
1. Technology Procurement Manager
2. 3PL / Transport Manager
3. Customer Service Project Manager
4. Customer Service & Logistics Specialist
5. Procure to Pay Manager
A Chief Procurement Officer starts out at Dh75,000 per month, while a Procurement Manager gets up to Dh35,000 per month. An Assistant Buyer can get up to Dh13,000 per month, while a Buyer makes up to Dh15,000.
1. Project Director
2. Project Manager
3. Real Estate Asset Management
4. Leasing
5. Facilities Management
A General Manager on the client side can make between Dh65,000 to Dh100,000 per month. A Project Director gets up to Dh80,000, while a manager makes up to Dh52,000.
1. Marketing Manager
2. Commercial Director
3. Business Development Manager / Regional Sales Manager
A General Manager (Sales) starts out at Dh60,000 per month, which can go up to Dh120,000. A Key Account Executive (Sales) can make up to Dh20,000. A Marketing Manager can get up to Dh55,000, while a Brand Manager makes between Dh18,000 to Dh33,000.
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