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13 tech job sites make it easy to find a new job whether you want to work from home or not
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Jump start your search for a new position with sites ranging from Dice and Indeed to Linked In and Data Jobs.
If you are one of the many people looking for a new job, this collection of resources is a great starting point. In addition to the familiar sources such as Dice and Monster, there are new sites that focus on particular careers or remote-only positions.
Three sites in this list flip the standard script of hunting for a new position. Instead of individuals applying to specific positions, companies pitch jobs to individuals. Job hunters submit a profile for approval by the website. If the individual is a good fit for current open roles, the profile is approved and starts showing up in search results on the site. The idea is that companies will start the hiring conversation with a specific job description and a salary offer, instead of drawing out the process and offering few details.
Take a look at our list and see if there’s something new waiting for you.
A professional data scientist with experience in enterprise big data technology founded this site. Data Jobs specializes in helping businesses recruit experts in scalable data warehousing, Hadoop architecture, BI analytics and data science. Job seekers can find big data jobs in analytics, data science, data analysis, hadoop and database administration.s
This site collects listings for DevOps jobs. Some listings go to recruiter sites while others go directly to the employer’s application site. Postings include in-person jobs as well as remote work.
This site specializes in tech jobs. Users can filter jobs on remote only, exclude remote and work from home available. There’s also an easy apply option and a 2021 Tech Salary Report if you need help negotiating your next pay rate.
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This job search site promises to help job candidates find the right fit via ratings and reviews from current and former employees, salary reports, interview reviews and CEO approval ratings. When you sign up for an account, the site asks users to share their salary and write a review of their current company.
This is a profile-centric site with no applications and no cover letters required. The service is free for job seekers and includes jobs in 12 American cities in addition to London and France. Users apply to use the service and Hired approves 5% of all submissions. The website team works with employers looking for software engineers, product managers, data scientists and designers. When a user profile goes live, it becomes searchable by companies looking to fill open roles. Profiles are hidden from a user’s current employer. Hired states that companies will contact individuals with a job description and a salary upfront. The site also offers guidance on negotiating salary offers.
This European job site flips the standard job search approach: A candidate creates a profile and interested companies contact the individuals who look like a good fit. There’s a screening process and an optional call with a talent adviser. The site includes jobs for developers, DevOps engineers, data scientists, data engineers, machine learning engineers and engineering leaders. The FAQ states that experience with startups is preferred but not required and a good level of English is important also.
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Indeed also collects 15 employee experience stats on companies, such as work happiness, learning, inclusion, achievement and purpose scores. You can search for remote jobs and find full-time as well as contract work for many professions, including IT.
It’s easy to tailor job recommendations to your personal search because LInked In already knows so much about you. Users can figure out if you have any connections at a company you’re interested in and send the listing directly on contacts. Users can save jobs via the Job Tracker function to apply at a later time. LinkedIn also offers skills assessments and if you score a 30% or better, you get a badge for your profile page.
This granddaddy of the job search sites now has a “remote jobs only” checkbox at the top of a search results page. An initial search for “Java developer” returns 124,432 jobs and filtering out in-person roles shrinks the list to 46,985. Jobs cover the full range of industries and experience levels.
This site promises that users will never receive recruiter spam. It focuses exclusively on software development jobs. The search feature allows users to search for remote jobs or for jobs within a certain mile radius. The Perks filter includes several helpful items including visa sponsorship, relocation, education and tuition benefits and 10+ vacation days. Developers also can use filters to include and exclude certain companies and to search in specific industries.
This stripped-down site lists only jobs that require Azure skills. Users can search for jobs with a specific keyword, location, industry and 14 types of positions from full-time to contract to volunteer.
This site also brings companies to candidates. The website team looks for candidates who are a good fit for companies with open roles. The site estimates that profiles are reviewed within 48 hours. People who get rejected initially can reapply again after 30 days. The platform specializes in software engineers, designers, and product managers but non-technical professionals can apply as well. Whitetruffle is free to employers and job candidates. Companies can upgrade to a pro version for access to more candidates.
This site specializes in remote work in 15 categories including system administration, software development and UI/UX design. Listings specify the company, the type of job (full-time, part-time, contract) as well as topic tags to designate the top skills required for each job. Some jobs are partly remote, which means that employees may need to be on-site at certain times for training or team-building activities. Hitting the apply button sends you directly to the hiring company’s site.
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13 tech job sites make it easy to find a new job whether you want to work from home or not
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