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Since 2020, the World’s Universities with Real Impact has delivered seven lists highlighting the institutions that create the most value for society and the future. The most comprehensive of those is the Global Top 100 Most Innovative Universities, where Stanford and MIT have taken turns in the top spot the past two years. In 2022, however, they have been replaced by an upstart university with even more stringent selectivity and a uniquely global approach to learning: Minerva.
The San Francisco-based university, with seven campuses spread across the world, moved up a couple of spots to nose out Arizona State University for the top prize from the Institute for Policy and Strategy on National Competitiveness. MIT and Stanford had to settle for No. 3 and No. 4, respectively, one spot ahead of the University of Pennsylvania. Institutions from the United States took 10 of the top 13 positions in the category.
“It touts everything Minerva stands for and has strived for during its years of continuous innovation,” said Mike Magee, president of Minerva University. “This accomplishment speaks volumes for Minerva’s now proven scalability amid a global pandemic. As the world is changing, Minerva is a step ahead of the curve, building the most global, immersive, ethical and purposeful university in the world, during the most complex and challenging years we have seen. Our most important years of innovation and growth remain ahead of us.”
In spots 9-12 were four of the most acclaimed research universities in the U.S. and the world: the California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, the University of California at Berkeley and Princeton University. At No. 13 was Boston University, which not only was named the best in the world on Social Mobility and Openness but also the only one from the States to crack the top 10 in the category. The only other U.S. institution to reach the top 20 was Duke University (20).
Minerva’s rise to the top included a first-place finish on the measure of Industrial Application, or the experiential outcomes of its work rather than class instruction or research papers. MIT, Arizona State, Stanford and Caltech rounded out the top five, and the U.S. placed two more in the Top 10—Olin College of Engineering and the University of California at Merced, which both beat out Oxford University.
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The university with the most Entrepreneurial Spirit was Canada’s Simon Fraser University, a category measuring the drive to forge startups rather than job placement. UC-Berkeley came in at No. 5 and Princeton No. 6, with the University of Chicago (9) and George Mason (10) reaching the top 10.
Ecole won for the university with the most Ethical Value, followed by Franklin University Switzerland. But U.S. institutions showed their strength again, with Ivys Penn (3), Harvard (4), Columbia (7) and Yale (12) all ranking highly. Duke (10) and two Sunshine State institutions–Florida State University (5) and Florida Gulf Coast University (14)–made it into the top 15.
Other than Minerva and the highly selective institutions, the most impressive performer was Florida Gulf Coast, a public institution that was created just 21 years ago but has soared up the charts in several categories. Gulf Coast finished No. 3 in Crisis Management, the best finish of any U.S. institution, with the next closest being MIT at No. 35. It was the lone U.S. representative in the top 20 on schools preparing best for the Fourth Industrial Revolution at No. 14. And it finished No. 18 on the Social Mobility and Openness measure won by BU. Trinity College and Sarah Lawrence University were the only other U.S. institutions to rank among the best of the best.
“I’m not surprised that we’ve been able to establish recognition,” Florida Gulf Coast President Mike Martin said. “I’ve been surprised at how quickly it’s come and just how broad it has been. We have five pillars. One is to be more globally recognizable and connected. And we’ve invested in it because we persuaded the legislature it was worth doing. There’s a combination of having the right spirit, and then having the capacity to make some critical investments.”
Here are the top 100 most innovative universities in the world rankings, which are also hosted by the UN Institute for Training and Research, the Institute for Industrial Policy Studies, Franklin University of Switzerland, and the Hanseatic League of Universities (HLU):
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