WELL DRILLING NOTES – Fire Engineering

A very deep boring of considerable interest to geological research, for which object it was carried out, has just been successfully brought to a completion at Mickleton Manor. Gloucestershire, by Messrs. Le Grand and Sutcliff. hydraulic engineers, London. After passing through some 121 feet of middle lias marlstone, sand and shale, the lower lias clays and limestone proved to be 1120 feet thick. Below these came the Rhaetic beds, and at 1315 feet the Keuper marls were reached, into which the boring penetrated twenty-seven feet, gypsum being found in the last two feet. The total depth of the boring is thus 1342 feet, or over a quarter of a mile.
An artesian flow was struck at the State Orphan Asylum at Corsicana, Tex., at a depth of 2200 feet. The flow is copious.
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