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The majority of leading engineering companies offer work experience to student engineers. Here’s what’s on offer.
Relevant work experience isn’t essential for getting a graduate engineering job – but it certainly helps. To help you find the right placement for you, we’ve put together a guide to the formal opportunities offered by leading UK engineering employers in 2022. Here you’ll find a list of summer internships and, below that, a list of industrial placement years you could apply for. We’ve also listed some employers that offer shorter work experience stints in the spring. You can also click the highlighted links below to go straight to each section.
Spring insight days/weeks | Summer internships | Industrial placements
Often called ‘spring weeks/days’ or ‘insight weeks/days’, these opportunities aren’t as common in engineering as they are in other career areas, such as finance, but some engineering employers are starting to offer them. These shorter formal work experience stints are usually aimed at first- and second-year engineering students. Here are a few to consider:
Covid-19 has led some employers to rethink how to provide students with insights into their sector. Some have developed online taster materials for students to explore their career options. They tend to be self-paced so you can access them at any time. Have a look on websites such as Springpod and Forage.
Numerous employers offer engineering summer placements. Some are open to any student, while others are limited to penultimate year students. Here are a number to consider:
Engineering industrial placements (also sometimes called a year in industry) tend to last for 12 months, although in some cases they can be shorter. Some are restricted to penultimate-year students, while others are more flexible. Here’s a number to consider:
Employers’ views differ as to how important it is for graduate scheme applicants to have engineering work experience . A number point out that, while they value it, they are very happy to consider graduates who can demonstrate the required competences by drawing on other areas of their lives. These might include extracurricular activities, voluntary work, part-time jobs or work experience outside of engineering. Head to our article on what to plan for your summer if you can’t find an engineering internship for more ideas.
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