Jobs people want — and don't want — after the pandemic – Axios

Illustration: Eniola Odetunde/Axios
Interest in IT and media jobs is surging, but no one wants to fill the sorely needed child care and home health roles.
Why it matters: Workers have the power, and some industries are struggling way more to hire than others, according to a new report from the jobs site Indeed. Labor shortages in those industries will continue to hobble the economy.
By the numbers: Interest in civil engineering jobs and IT operations jobs has surged the most since the pre-pandemic era. Postings for both types of jobs are getting 59% more clicks on Indeed now than in February 2020.
What's happening: Only around 37% of U.S. jobs can be done from home, per an analysis by economists at the University of Chicago. But more and more people are eager to secure those jobs for the flexibility they provide during the pandemic and beyond, says Indeed economist AnnElizabeth Konkel.
At the same time, Indeed's report shows that interest in loading and stocking jobs at warehouses has cratered 40%. Clicks for food service jobs are down 18%. And interest in personal care and home health jobs and child care jobs is down 33% and 15%, respectively.
The stakes: The labor shortages in each of the industries seeing declining interest will send ripples through the entire economy.
What to watch: It'll be tough for employers to fill these jobs that are losing clicks unless they keep raising wages, Konkel says. Take hospitality and leisure, an industry in which interest was dipping but rose back up to pre-pandemic levels after wages went up.


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