Introducing S&P Global Engineering Solutions – S&P Global

We’re empowering business and technical leaders to transform their workflows and make decisions with conviction.
We use technical content and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to provide answers from a vast dataset of technical knowledge to engineers, and technical professionals.
Our team are builders at heart with experience creating barrier breaking tech​
Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Architecture, Construction, Transportation to name a few​
We maintain partnerships with 380 global standards organizations
As transformative business partners to provide solutions optimized for their organization
We provide deep engineering expertise and solutions in industries like Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Architecture, Construction and Transportation to help our customers solve tomorrow’s problems, today.
We focus on removing barriers to technical data so our customers can reduce risk and make smarter decisions with the right data.
We take a consultative approach, engaging with our customers to understand their processes across the entire product life cycle to pinpoint workflow opportunities. 
We offer the world’s largest curated collection of technical knowledge including partnerships with over 380 global standards organizations​.
Our holistic solutions based in patented and proprietary technologies like cognitive search, machine learning and natural language processing turn insights into action and innovation​.
We employ hundreds of data engineers and subject matter experts focused on maintaining the accuracy and completeness of our data – so you know you can count on it.​

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