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UPSC CSE past year questions can come-in handy for aspirants (Representational Image)
For candidates preparing for one of the toughest exams in India — Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services, and those who like challenges and would want to try their luck at the tricky questions asked in UPSC Civil Services Prelims over the years, here is a quick exercise for you.
Here is a short compilation of questions asked in prelims exam- General Studies I and General Studies II of civil services. These can be particularly helpful for students preparing for UPSC CSE Prelims 2022 scheduled to be held on June 5. Since the examination is less than two months away, it’s time to focus one’s preparation according to the type of questions asked in exams.

Four tests – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology are to be conducted on four consecutive days, not necessarily in the same order. The physics test is held before the test which is conducted after Biology. Chemistry is conducted exactly after two tests are held. Which is the last test held?
a) Physics
b) Biology
c) Mathematics
d) Chemistry
From an ecological point of view, which one of the following assumes importance in being a good link between the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats
a) Sathyamangalam Tigher Reserves
b) Nallamala Forest
c) Nagarhole National Park
d) Seshachalam Bioshpehere Reserve
On the second and fourth Saturdays and all the Sundays are taken as only holidays for an office, what would be the minimum number of possible working days of any month of any year?
a) 23
b) 22
c) 21
d) 20
One of the implications of equality in society is the absence of –
a) Privileges
b) Restraints
c) Competition
d) Ideology
15 students failed in a class of 52. After removing the names of failed students, a merit order list has been prepared in which the position of Ramesh is 22 from the top. What is his position from the bottom?
a) 18th
b) 17th
c) 16th
d) 15th
Which of the following gives ‘Global Gender Gap Index’ Ranking to countries of the world?
a) World Economics forum
b) UN Human Rights Council
c) UN women
d) World Health Organization
A 2-digit number is reversed. The larger of the two numbers is divided by the smaller one. What is the largest possible remainder?
a) 9
b) 27
c) 36
d) 45
At one of the places in India, if you stand on the seashore and watch the sea, you will find that the sea water recedes from shore line a few kilometers and comes back to the shore, twice a day, and you can actually walk on the sea floor when the water recedes. The unique phenomenon is seen at
a) Bhavnagar
b) Bheemunipatnam
c) Chandipur
d) Nagapattinam
To qualify for the exam, candidates must obtain a minimum of 33 per cent on the General Studies Paper-II. Only those candidates who pass Paper II are then shortlisted based on the cutoff.
The UPSC CSE Prelims will consist of two 200-mark compulsory papers. Both exam papers will be objective in nature (multiple choice questions) and will last two hours each. The minimum qualifying marks for General Studies II in the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination will be set at 33%. The question paper will be presented in both Hindi and English.
The UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2022 admit card is expected to be released soon. Candidates will be able to acquire their hall tickets from the UPSC website once they are available. UPSC announced on February 2 that candidates would receive their admit cards three weeks before the examination.
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