ArDOT looks to hire civil engineers in NWA –

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The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) plans to add a satellite office in Northwest Arkansas as it looks to recruit civil engineers from the area and provide more flexibility in work locations.
The Arkansas Highway Commission recently approved spending $350,000 over two years for the new office.
Dave Parker, public information officer for ArDOT, said the office’s square footage and location have not been determined, but the staff is looking at properties in Bentonville, Lowell, Rogers and Springdale. The plan is to have a lease in place this spring.
“ArDOT has always been the largest employer of civil engineers in the state,” Parker said. “In order for us to produce a program that not only maintains but progresses our highways, we must build experience and knowledge.
“Civil engineers are in great demand. Having a satellite office as an option will help with recruiting. Northwest Arkansas is growing and a highly sought-after place to live, and we’d like to take advantage of that and recruit and retain engineers. We also hope to tap into the great resource of engineering students at the University of Arkansas as interns.”
A recent ArDOT employee survey showed “a strong desire for more flexibility in work location options.” Currently, all phases of project development, including design, are completed at ArDOT’s central office in Little Rock. According to a highway commission minute order, the new office in Northwest Arkansas is expected to “supplement the department’s project delivery efforts.”
ArDOT plans to open the new office with a small number of staff, “possibly 10,” Parker said. “And we’ll utilize our intern program which has been highly successful.”
Parker noted the new office will have no impact on the existing resident engineer offices in Benton and Washington counties.
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