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K-Pop fans rejoice! One of your own has topped the engineering board exam. A student and K-Pop Fan Tops Engineering Board Exam. This is a huge accomplishment, not just for K-Pop fans, but for everyone. This just goes to show that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams. The sky is the limit!
When studying, there will come a time when students arrive at the point where they’ll have low self-confidence, which will leave them doubting their ability to succeed and hesitant to engage in learning.
This is what Engr. Elaine Margarette Pangan experienced this during her early months as a Geodetic Engineering student. She also had to make a few adjustments and even had failures, which caused her to be an irregular student.
But eventually, she regained her self-confidence and finished her studies, and later placed Top 8 in the Geodetic Engineering licensure exam with a rating of 89%.
During her interview with GineersNow, we found out how she overcame the challenges.
Course: Geodetic Engineering
Rank: Top 8
Score: 89%
School: University of the Philippines Diliman
Review Center: Review Innovations
Challenges: failed subjects in college, self-studied for the board exam, her mother teaches at the same university
Elaine has always wanted to pursue a career as an engineer.
And so she didn’t think twice about enrolling in Geodetic Engineering at the University of the Philippines Diliman.
Apart from following her dream, she also chose this course because of her parents, who gave her inspiration as well as unwavering support over the years.
Additionally, what motivated her to enroll in the said course was the hybrid setup of professional geodetic engineers.
Half of the time, they’ll be working in the office, and the other half, they’ll be in the field.
Elaine loved how balanced this arrangement was. Her interest in becoming a geodetic engineer further grew when she was told that this job would let her travel most of the time.
Although she liked the course she was taking up, Elaine’s college life was still a mixture of ups and downs, like any other college experience.
She faced several obstacles along the way, the most challenging part being the time she had low self-confidence in regard to her intellectual and academic capability.
While she thought that she was the smartest in her high school class, she suddenly felt that she was just one of the average students on campus.
She also had to make adjustments to her new school, the different ways of teaching by their professors, and the difficulty of the subjects.
At some points, she had a disappointing academic performance that led her to end up as an irregular student.
Despite these frustrating hurdles, Elaine didn’t give up on her dream.
To cope with these challenges, she took the time to do all the things she enjoys outside of studying.
This included spending time with her family by going on road trips and singing her heart out to her favorite KPop songs.
This was her way to escape the stress, and this clearly helped her gain her confidence back.
July 26, 2020, came, and Elaine officially graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering.
Afterward, she enrolled in a review center where she was able to get study materials that helped her feel what the actual board exam questions would be.
However, with this being in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the quarantine protocols shifted the traditional school classes to online.
This means teachers and students only get to discuss topics via online platforms like Zoom or Google Meet.
The online setup of the review sessions became the main struggle for Elaine as she preferred the classes to be conducted face-to-face instead.
In order to overcome the stress of studying for the boards, she decided to create a schedule for the review, which she strictly followed for several months.
And it looks like her schedule really helped her a lot as she was able to attend her review classes until the end without facing any more problems.
The day of the board exam finally arrived. While answering the questions one by one, Elaine found their range from easy to average.
In particular, the conceptual questions were a mix of easy and average ones, while the problem-solving section was solidly average.
It appears to be that her overall examination went smoothly, as she didn’t specify any difficulty while taking it.
Following the conclusion of the board exam, Elaine felt relieved, partly because the exam was finally over and partly because she was pretty confident she would get a passing rate.
But even though she had a feeling that she would pass, never did she hope that she would be one of the topnotchers. Apart from being modest, she didn’t hope to top the boards as she doesn’t want to get disappointed if the results were not favorable to her.
But as soon as the results were released, Elaine found out that she actually placed high on the boards.
She immediately told her mom about the big news, then she delightfully announced it to her whole family.
Everyone was in such high spirits at that time. Although she didn’t cry, she can clearly remember her mom bursting into tears.
I’m interested in the hybrid setup. Half of the time, it’s “office work.”
And the other half, you’re usually on the field.
I was told that it involves a lot of traveling, which is an absolute plus.
My parents were my inspiration in choosing this course.
I mainly wanted to be an engineer, and they gave me their unwavering support all throughout my years as a student.
Generally, I liked the subjects that were heavier on computation as opposed to ones that were heavy on concepts.
I like numbers, and following certain steps or formulas to achieve the correct answer has always been enjoyable for me.
Of course. College life is a mixture of ups and downs for most of us, I believe.
When we’re at that stage as students, we kind of forget that a lot of factors can affect our academic performance.
I cope by doing all the things I enjoy outside of the academic environment.
I spend time with my family by going on road trips as a means to escape.
My confidence in regard to intellectual and academic capability was really challenged, especially during my first semester at the University of the Philippines Diliman.
I was faced with having to adjust to the new school, various ways of teaching by our professors, and of course, the difficulty of the subjects.
When I thought I was the smartest in my high school class, I suddenly felt like I was just one of the average students in UP.
I started studying early.
Then I made sure to set a strict schedule wherein if it’s outside the hours I allotted for studying, I would not permit myself to open any kind of review material.
I wanted to keep studying for the boards separate from my day-to-day life so it wouldn’t feel overwhelming.
Whenever it gets tough, just remember that at the end of all of this studying, you get to officially add a title to your name. Look forward to the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get when someone calls you “Engr.”
The main struggle was the online setup. I would have preferred our review classes to be conducted face-to-face.
But much like overcoming the stress of studying for the boards, I followed a strict schedule for the review.
Yes, I highly recommend enrolling in a review center.
I went to Review Innovations for my board exam review.
The study materials they provided were incredibly helpful in giving me a feel of what the actual board exam questions would consist of.
Relatively speaking, I would say the conceptual questions ranged from easy to average.
And the problem-solving ones are solidly average.
Although, the actual difficulty of the exam is completely relative because it all depends on how prepared you are for it.
Honestly, I was relieved. Partly because the exam was over and partly because I was pretty confident that I passed.
Never did I dare hope that I would be one of the topnotchers out of modesty and fear of disappointment if the results were not favorable to me.
I told my mom. Then I announced it to my whole family, so we were all in such high spirits celebrating.
I didn’t cry, but I clearly remember my mom crying for me.
I owe everything to my family. They’re my support system through everything.
I was awarded a medal and a certificate of recognition for being one of the top performers in the board exam by the Department of Geodetic Engineering at UP Diliman.
Take breaks every couple of hours of studying. And when getting wrong answers to the review materials, don’t take it too hard. That’s also how you learn.
My parents have been married for more than 25 years.
I love teasing them as a way to show affection.
And my siblings – a younger sister and a younger brother – are always attached to my hip.
We, as a family, love to spend time together. We are admittedly clingy.
Yes, they did. But only after I told them that I was interested.
They let me choose the course first and then supported me when I was finally set on that decision.
I’m happily single.
It solves a lot of the problems in all fields that hinder the growth and prosperity of society.
— end of interview —
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