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We now live in a remote-first world. Every company is in a race to reap the benefits of remote engineering talent. Tech giants such as LinkedIn, Spotify, Twitter, and now Robinhood have recently announced they plan to continue allowing their people to work from anywhere (WFA). Even multinational industrial conglomerates like Siemens and Ford have decided to go remote-first. So whether you reside in the US or South America, Europe, Asia, or Africa, this is fantastic news for software engineers worldwide. 
The reasons are obvious. Companies get to recruit from a planetary pool. They can hire from previously untapped geographies. They’ve seen the proven success of distributed teams. 
You used to have two choices.
We asked ourselves some simple questions. What if there was a new category of remote work?
Work that had all the positives of the two approaches with none of the negatives.
What if you had access to:
This is why we built Turing. Turing helps you spin up your engineering dream career in the cloud, powered by AI. With Turing’s Intelligent Talent Cloud, you don’t need to have Google, Facebook, or Twitter on your resume to find your engineering dream job. 
Imagine a new way to build your career without ever emailing a resume again. We are creating a new category of remote work. We call this Talent Cloud.

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With Turing’s Intelligent Talent Cloud, your geography doesn’t limit your opportunity. The geo lottery is dead. If you have the skills to contribute, there’s a company building a world-changing product looking for a developer like you. 
Instead of spending weeks and months applying for jobs and crossing your fingers for an interview, what if you could use that same amount of time to showcase your expertise on front-end and back-end frameworks? You can even get started on the vetting process right now.
That’s the beauty of Turing’s vetting engine. We help you build a Deep Developer Profile that allows companies to better understand your technical aptitude AND the communication skills that enable you to work effectively on a geographically distributed team. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Engineers are evaluated for jobs based on their abilities while hiring managers receive access to pre-vetted talent ready to hit the ground running from day one. 
Once an engineer has been vetted by Turing and matched with your dream company, the goal is to help you focus on career development while Turing takes care of the rest. Turing pays our engineers directly and offers personalized career mentoring to grow your skills and industry value. You also have 24/7 support from our HR and career success team. You tell us your compensation expectation, and we agree on a rate that you’re excited about. You receive 100% of that. We charge companies on top of that to cover our costs.
We use our AI-assisted matching platform to connect you with the best jobs, one after the next, depending on your career objectives. Want to see what it’s like to work for a Fortune 100 company after a few years at a Series A startup? Rest assured that we can make that happen. 200+ companies (Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, Dell, Glassdoor, and Coinbase, to name a few) are using Turing to find great engineers around the world. 
On Turing, our partner companies can hire engineers across 20+ job types (Full-stack, back-end, front-end, mobile, cloud, and crypto, just to name a few) and 100+ technologies (React, Java, Python, Golang, and Flutter, amongst many others). So no matter your interests and areas of expertise, chances are a fantastic job will be available. We’ll match you with better and better jobs, one after the next. 
It’s easy to get started
We now live in a remote-first world. You no longer have to move to where the jobs are. Talent Clouds like Turing bring the jobs to you.
Turing’s mission is to unleash the world’s untapped human potential. That starts with helping developers like you access the life-changing career opportunities that your talent deserves. So, sign up today and start working for companies like Coinbase, Rivian, Johnson & Johnson, and many more. 


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