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Delayed but Never Denied, Engineering Graduate Tops the Board After Having to Stop Studying
Family and financial problems made her quit school. She can’t pay tuition fee and quit college. So she worked at BPO to save money and later returned to school as an engineering topnotcher.
Delayed but never denied, this female engineering graduate tops the Philippine engineer licensure board exam after having to stop studying due to financial problems.
Ever since she was in high school, Engineer Gale Vera Caceres has developed a fondness for problem-solving, math computations, and illustrations.
This was exactly why exactly she had initially set her mind on taking up Civil Engineering.
But when she was about to enroll at Don Honorio Ventura State University, there were no slots left for the degree.
Despite this little hurdle, Gale was certain of the path she chose—Civil Engineering. She will get that degree delayed or not.
So, she planned on enrolling in another degree, Electronic Engineering, and shift after the first school year.
Little did she know that she will develop a love and interest for Electronic Engineering in the first two years.
Something she did not plan but something she knew was worth continuing.
So she stayed as an ECE student, determined to become an Electronics Engineer instead.
But what seemed to be a smooth-sailing journey was put to a halt when she faced what she considered one of the biggest adversity that hounded her in college—financial foes.
Gale had to stop during her first year in college because of financial problems.
She then worked at a BPO company for a while to support herself and help her single mom.
At first, she was pretty content with the setup.
She was earning good money and didn’t have to bother her mom with her needs.
However, in the back of her mind, Gale knew what she really wanted: to become an engineer.
So although it was a hard decision to go back to school and face another round of financial struggles, she braved through it and decided to apply as a DOST-SEI scholar.
Fortunately, she passed the scholarship exam and didn’t have to worry about spending a single cent while in college.
Her college journey was still a see-saw battle as she was hounded by pressure academically.
But pressure molds the most shining diamonds.
On June 18, 2020, Gale finally graduated.
After the excitement of finishing college, she enrolled in a review center to prep for the board exam but was only able to study in their online program for three months because of the demands at work.
The pressure was heavy on her shoulders because she had to work and review for 15 hours a day.
In fact, she was drowning in work-related tasks and her review materials that she no longer had time to squeeze in binge-watching movie series, painting, sketching, and digital illustration.
She also had a hard time catching up with the lessons because her work schedule hardly matched her review hours.
But Gale noted that the review materials given by the center definitely aided her cause.
In fact, it helped her so much that when the board exam finally came, she discovered that though it was not easy, it was also not as hard as she expected.
It is because the preparation that she underwent in Excel Review made them anticipate the worst.
She, however, did not expect to pass because she hardly passed the mock board exam that Excel Review held.
With that, she didn’t even think of making it to the top.
For her, passing is enough.
“I know this was only possible through the Lord’s grace.” Tears, shouts, and praises echoed in the room after Gale found out that she had topped the board exam.
Passing was all that she asked of, yet, she was given way beyond a passing score.
An artist by hobby and now a licensed engineer, Engineer Caceres credits her success to her mentors and instructors who honed the basic skills needed to excel in the field.
Also, to her mother, a caregiver, and her father, who is also an engineer who supported her.
And she owes it to herself, for it is not sheer luck that brought her to the top but the will to persevere, despite it all.
Gale’s life has gradually changed because opportunities flooded after she topped the exam.
But she remains true to her core.
“Everything starts with an idea, but ideas without actions are worthless.” Caceres remembers one memorable line her professors once mentioned.
She has always been aware of the role that an engineer plays in society – a key to digital and infrastructural development.
Currently hired as an engineer in a large semiconductor company, Gale sees herself achieving greater things, may it be a managerial position or a teaching job.
Delayed once and challenged many times, Engineer Gale Caceres remains unfazed. Now that opportunities are flooding, she is more ready to take on bigger roles.
There may be delays and redirections along the way, but it has only put her right where she is meant to be.
Engineer Gale Vera Caceres proves that delays don’t mean the end as she ranks Top 6 in the Electronics Engineer Licensure Exam despite adversities.
She also Ranked 4th in Electronics Technician Licensure Examination despite having to stop studying at college for a while and reviewing for only three months in the review center because of work demands.
Here’s the Q&A transcript of our interview with Engr. Gale.
Choosing Electronics Engineering was a happy accident.
I initially intended to take Civil Engineering, but there were no slots left in the university during enrolment. Hence, I ended up on ECE and planned to shift the following year.
I love problem-solving, math computations, and illustration, which is why I wanted to take CE.
But I developed a great interest during my first two years in ECE.
Having a little background in Electronics, it was very challenging for me, which got me excited, and I continued to pursue the course.
I am mostly inspired by my family, my instructors, and my mentors.
Raised by a single mother, I am determined to become successful so my mom won’t need to work anymore.
My college instructors and mentors also encourage me a lot to dream higher and achieve greater things.
Even though I may fail and disappoint them sometimes, they never doubted my skills for a moment.
I loved Math and Electronics subjects the most as they require a lot of analysis and problem-solving skills.
I also enjoyed Elecs laboratory subjects, where I learned about electronics theories through lab experiments.
I never failed the subject, but what I would consider my least disappointing academic performance is placing only 2nd on the IECEP Regional Quiz Show (2018 and 2019) twice.
I felt very pressured, and I know a lot of people were expecting that we would make it.
I tried not to dwell on that failure but focus on what else I could do.
So, I studied harder together with our team; we were more motivated than ever.
Lo and behold, we triumphed our way and became champions at the IECEP National Quiz Show 2019.
I had to stop college during my first year due to family and financial problems.
It was a tough decision, but I had to prioritize my family first before myself. Imagine finally discovering what you want to pursue in life only to stop suddenly.
I worked as a Tech Support in a BPO company for a year.
Since I was already earning good money, it was a difficult decision whether I should continue studying or not.
But I was determined to pursue a career in ECE; I resigned from work and returned back to school.
I applied as a DOST scholar and was fortunate enough to be accepted and never had to worry about my finances until I graduated.
Know and assess yourself.
This is really basic, but I consider this the stepping stone to topping the boards.
Learn what your strengths and weaknesses are so you’d know where to focus more. Set your goals and keep a daily schedule and checklist.
I personally kept a planner so I can keep track of what I needed to study for the day so I never missed a topic.
I grade myself based on weekly exams from my Review Center so I’d know what else I need to improve on
Master the basics while at school, it will stick to you until you take the boards.
The board exam also includes a lot of basic questions that you may miss if you don’t understand the fundamentals.
You won’t also be able to understand higher ECE subjects without having a strong foundation of the basics.
I enrolled with a review center in November 2021 but I only got to attend review classes for 3 months since I was working until January.
It was tough to catch up to lessons so I felt really pressured. Reviewing 15 hours a day was very exhausting.
Not to mention, I kept failing my exams.
The greatest struggle was doubting myself.
I almost wanted to back out.
But I learned to take a breather whenever I get tired.
Pause, but not stop completely.
I surrounded myself with people who truly believed in me.
Through this, I am more calm and confident to persevere and finish what I started.
Yes, I reviewed with Excel Review purely through online review.
I highly recommend enrolling in one since they will really guide you on what you should do.
Although there are review materials available anywhere even without a review center, a review center will help you focus on what matters most.
Excel’s online program is also really helpful if you can’t attend classes due to a conflicting schedule.
I was able to quickly catch up with lessons through this.
I can’t say it was completely easy, but it was easier than I expected.
Through my review center, I was trained to expect for the worse, their exams are more complex than the board exam itself.
The board exam is a mix of very easy questions and complex questions, so it’s average for me.
I always wanted to top the board exam, but during the review, I was not confident that I would top the board exam at all.
I barely passed my pre-board exams with the review center.
I was happy just to pass and did not expect to top the board exam.
I cried, shouted, and praised the Lord.
I know this was only possible through the Lord’s grace.
I owe a lot to my instructors and mentors who believed in me and taught me lessons during engineering school.
Without them, I wouldn’t have the knowledge necessary to top the board exams.
I also dedicate this success to my parents and scholarships that helped finance my studies.
When I achieve something, I sometimes tend to discredit myself and say I just got lucky, but I owe a lot to myself as well for persevering against all odds.
I received cash incentives, and apart from this, recognition and exposure.
I had people messaging me asking for tips.
I would wake up early to memorize formulas and then proceed with studying specific topics.
After this, I would answer as many multiple choice questions as I can.
It’s also important to rest in between whenever you feel tired.
1. Set your goals. While you’re at it, aim high.
2. Stay on schedule. Remove anything not aligned with your goals,
3. Get a checklist and track your progress. Determine what subjects need more attention and focus on it.
4. Rest when necessary.
5. Keep in mind who you’re doing it for.
I come from a broken family, my parents are separated.
My mom is a caregiver that works hard to provide for our family.
My father is also an engineer, although we don’t really talk that much, he was thrilled and proud when I pursued engineering.
I am the 4th out of 5 siblings.
No, my family allowed me to choose whatever career or field I should take.
But they were very supportive while I was studying.
Yes, I’m in a relationship, and proud to say that my partner is also an Electronics Engineer (batch October 2018).
He was a mentor to me during college, helped me through a lot of projects, and encouraged me in every challenge I faced throughout my ECE journey.
As one of our instructors said, everything starts with an idea, but ideas without actions are worthless.
Engineering puts scientific theories and ideas into action so they can be useful to our society.
People benefit from it from physical and digital infrastructures that make life easier.
I can either be teaching in a university or in a managerial position.
I aim to be able to pass on my knowledge and skills and produce engineers that are greater than me.
– End of Interview –
We need more engineers in the Philippines.
If you are a parent, we encourage you to enroll your child in any engineering field.
In today’s society, electronic engineering is a critical field that helps shape the world we live in.
It enables communication and commerce between people all over the globe, and allows for advances in technology that improve our quality of life.
Electronic engineering is constantly evolving, and new breakthroughs are made every day.
This ever-changing field is essential to our technological progress, and the future of our world depends on it.
Electronic engineering is a field of engineering that focuses on the design and development of electronic devices and systems.
This can include anything from electric cars, drones, smartphones, robotics, and solar panels.
Electronic engineers work to create new technologies and improve existing ones.
They must have a strong understanding of physics and mathematics, as well as electronics theory and circuit design.
When most people think of the shaping forces behind our world, they think of history, politics, and economics.
However, many would be surprised to learn that electronic engineering has played a significant role in shaping our world as well.
This is because electronic engineering is responsible for the invention and development of a wide range of technologies that we use every day, from industrial robotics and automotive to smartphones and cell towers.
Without electronic engineering, our lives would be very different.
We would not have the ability to communicate with people all over the world instantaneously, or access vast amounts of information with just a few clicks.
In addition, many medical technologies that we take for granted would not exist, such as pacemakers and CT scanners.
The future of electronic engineering is looking bright.
With the rapid expansion of technology, there is a huge demand for electronic engineers.
In addition, the field is constantly evolving, which means that there are always new opportunities for those who are passionate about electronics.
Additionally, electronic engineering is a very versatile discipline; it can be used in a wide range of industries, from healthcare to automotive manufacturing.
Finally, the salary potential for electronic engineers is excellent; with the right skills and experience, you can earn a six-figure income.
So if you’re interested in a career in electronics, the future looks very promising!
The technological advances have been amazing over the years.
There are too many to list, but a few examples are the telephone, the light bulb, the computer, and the Internet.
Each of these advancements has made our lives easier and more convenient.
The telephone was one of the first major advancements in technology.
It allowed people to communicate with each other over long distances.
The light bulb was another important advancement.
It allowed people to see in the dark and made it possible to have indoor lighting.
The computer was another major advancement.
It allowed people to store and process information electronically.
The Internet was another important advance.
It allowed people to communicate with each other electronically and access information from all over the world.
Each of these advancements has had a major impact on our society and our way of life.
There are various types of electronic engineering, all with different purposes.
The most common type is digital electronic engineering, which focuses on creating and manipulating digital signals.
This type of engineering is used in devices like computers, smartphones, and digital televisions.
Analog electronic engineering is used to create and control analog signals.
This type of engineering is often used in audio and video equipment.
Wireless communication engineering is used to create and manage communications between devices over a wireless network.
This type of engineering is used in cellular phones, routers, and other networking devices.
Embedded system design is focused on developing systems that are embedded into other devices.
This type of engineering is found in cars, medical implants, and other gadgets.
Finally, there is microsystems engineering, which deals with miniature systems that have a wide range of applications.
Engineers play a vital role in our society. They design and build the systems that make our lives easier and more comfortable.
Electronic engineers are responsible for the design and development of electronic equipment, from simple circuits to complex systems.
Their work impacts every aspect of our lives, from the way we communicate to the way we travel.
The field of electronic engineering is constantly changing and evolving, as new technologies are developed.
This means that electronic engineers must constantly update their skills and knowledge in order to stay ahead of the curve.
It also means that their work is always relevant and important, as new technologies emerge.
Electronic engineering is a challenging and rewarding field, and it offers many opportunities for career growth.
If you are interested in making a difference in the world, then this may be the right field for you.
Electronic engineering is one of the most important and rapidly-growing fields in the world.
Its applications are seen everywhere, from cell phones to medical equipment to cars. What does the future hold for this field?
One trend is the increasing use of semiconductor devices.
These tiny chips can be found in nearly all electronic devices, and their capabilities are constantly expanding.
In the future, we can expect even more sophisticated and powerful semiconductors that will allow for even more advanced electronics.
Another trend is the growing use of nanotechnology.
This involves working with materials on a very small scale, often less than a millionth of a meter.
Nanotechnology has already been used to create things like self-cleaning windows and sunscreens that work better in sunlight.
In the future, it could be used to create even smaller and more powerful electronic devices.
In conclusion, electronic engineering will continue to shape our world in many ways. It has already revolutionized the way we live and work, and it is only going to become more important in the future. We need to make sure that we have the best engineers like Engr. Gale Vera Caceres working on these projects, and we are educating the next generation of Filipino electronic engineers to keep up with the rapidly changing technology.
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