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There are engineering vacancies in Barbados, St. Lucia and Trinidad available on www.caribbeanjobs.com
Recruiters are seeking the best talent from the region for these roles. 
Qualified persons can apply for positions as technicians, engineers, drilling rig operators, mechanics and more. 
The competition for these positions will be at a high level so applicants should ensure that they meet the criteria laid out in the job descriptions. 
Here are 10 Engineering jobs in Barbados, St. Lucia and Trinidad on www.caribbeanjobs.com
Drilling Rig Operator 
Barbados Water Authority 
Assistant Drill Rig Operator 
Barbados Water Authority 
Engineer SSA -10 
United Nations World Food Programme 
Lead Kiosk Technician 
Island Pay Group (Barbados) Ltd 

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St Lucia 
St Vincent Electricity Service Limited 
Casual Chief Engineer 
ARC Towage Limited 
Production Technician (VEMCO) 
Systems Engineer- Entry Level 
Process Management Limited 
TRINRICO Steel & Wire Products Limited 
Transport Engineer 
Caribbeanjobs.com Tips (Caribbeanjobs.com Contributor Garth Francis MBA) 

HR Professionals are faced with the challenge of competing for the best talent possible, but they must also ensure that they can retain this talent. 
What are some of the major causes of high employee turnover? 
Job descriptions that lack details can lead to a situation where many new hires simply don’t fit into their roles 
Inadequate compensation packages 
Flaws in the structure of the organisation which lead to conflict and limit genuine coordination 
A lack of training and developmental opportunities 
Failure to properly recognise the efforts and achievements of staff 
Failure to identify and address the concerns of employees 
Companies that can identify, hire, develop and retain the best talent will have a significant advantage over those that cannot. 
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