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10 Feb, 2022 By Rob Horgan
Cowi has won an engineering contract to develop designs for a proposed eight-lane immersed tunnel in Vancouver, Canada.
The proposed tunnel will have three general purpose traffic lanes and one dedicated bus lane in each direction, as well as a bi-directional multi-use cycle path/pedestrian walkway to improve travel across the George Massey Crossing without restricting navigable space for marine traffic.
As part of its role, Cowi will provide the reference concepts and geotechnical underpinning for the ambitious CD$4.15bn (£2.41bn) river crossing.
Drawing on its experience designing the original George Massey tunnel in 1959, Cowi will oversee removal of the original four-lane tunnel and construction of its eight-lane replacement.
Cowi will also be responsible for designing a flood control system around the new tunnel that can withstand extreme river flows as well as anticipated increased sea levels.
Cowi senior project director Darryl Matson said: “It’s projects like these that light up the engineer inside each of us.
“We are very passionate about this project as it lies in the backyard of our local team – we use it frequently so we know what a difference we can make to the community.
“It’s a key transportation link with engineering challenges such as minimising disruption to local ecosystems during construction and ensuring the final tunnel will stand up to natural disasters. It will both test and showcase our talented engineers.”
He added: “The tunnel will break new ground with a dedicated pathway for cyclists and pedestrians and a dedicated bus lane alongside road traffic, helping create cleaner transport and bringing huge trade and travel benefits to the local communities.”
Cowi has worked on the design of several immersed tunnels around the world, including the world’s longest immersed tunnel for motorists in China and the first immersed tunnel designed against typhoon waves in South Korea.
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