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Let’s take a look at 4 jobs that will still be lucrative in Kenya over the next decade
Kenya’s 2019 census quantified the country’s population at 47.6 million and we ranked as the 29th most populous country in the world.
Today, Kenya’s population according to Worldometer, is 55.8 million, with a workforce of 24.1 million and an unemployment rate predicted to increase to 7% by the end of 2022.
High unemployment rates, especially among the youth, reduce productivity and eventually the overall growth of an economy.
Although the job sector is huge and diverse to choose from, and assuming a reality where everyone has a chance to find work, let’s look into the four careers likely to gain prominence in the coming years.
We are in a digital age where most of our daily tasks are conducted online; from looking for a job/soulmate to ordering food/supplies. The information collected behind these interfaces is what we call data. It may include your email address, number, address, intimate details like location, financial information, what type of food you crave for at a certain period and much more. Data analysts investigate the meaning of this data.
The tech world is immensely facing major growth with Algorithms, Automation and Artificial Intelligence and Data Scientists/Analysts have landed on a goldmine profession. In the future, not only will big companies need their services but also small businesses in order to grow their business and make sales.
The increase of globalization has encouraged international trade on an unprecedented scale. This has brought about companies’ push for transparency policies by international bodies due to legal and investor demands.
This is also a career with vast diversification options, you can choose which industry to get into such as the medical field, finance field, tech world and more.
Accounting standards and guidelines are often amended, make sure to track those and get as many points of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as possible from ICPAK.
Offline business operations today can be enhanced by the business embracing digitalization.
Customers today are able to shop for products and services at their own convenience using just their mobile phones.
It is paramount for a business owner to use social media as a tool to drive sales and build awareness. Marketing and sales professionals have to be conversant with tools like Google Ad and Ad sense to make their sales sheet enviable to their competitors.
Tech advancement is at the center of construction engineering; think of tools, machines and innovation to make a construction dream career come alive.
From innovations such as smart houses to using robotics, the future of construction is looking up.
In Kenya, the norm is prone to be outsourcing architects and use local labor which has eventually transferred immense skills to the construction workers. Construction in the future is centered on eco-friendly structures and sustainable construction material.
These skills will highly be in demand as Africans, especially East Africa try to strengthen their territorial ties.
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