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Leading the Low-Code Revolution
— (research done by Indeed).
Looking from a different angle, on Linkedin there are around 8k open positions worldwide for a low-code engineer, as of Feb 2020. By 2024, Gartner estimates that 65% of all activities around traditional code will be replaced by low-code. 
Put this all together and you can see that companies are looking to attract a slightly different role to solve the IT skill gap: the low-code engineers.
But what does this profile look like? Is it the traditional software engineer with a set of low-code skills on top or are we talking about a completely different role? At Plant an App, we’re already familiar with the role, our engineers are dedicated to developing business applications using low-code. Based on our experience, we’d like to share what a company should look for when it comes to hiring a low-code engineer.
 Job Description
The Low-code engineer will be responsible for developing applications using a low-code development platform, setting up and configuring systems for each client's unique requirements.
Briefly, a low-code role revolves around:
Strong confidence in leading customer project engagements is essential, but it can be gained in time, too.
If you are naturally drawn to technology and understanding it, if you’re guided by a collaborative and communicative spirit in a dynamic software development environment, then you might be a match. But if we were to be more specific, ideally you already have: 
Hard Skills
For more complex applications, experience with front end frameworks (Bootstrap, Materialize) would be useful; 
Soft Skills
This role is still being shaped and reshaped , companies are still learning (including us) what to ask from low-code engineers, while on the other hand they're still mastering their low-code skills.
It's a matter of time, clear communication and experience until a formula that meets both the needs of an employee and employer will be found.
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