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March 28, 2022
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The University of Washington’s professional and graduate schools again ranked highly on the annual US News & World Report lists.University of Washington
The University of Washington’s graduate and professional degree programs were widely recognized as among the best in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2023 Best Graduate School rankings released late Monday.
Dozens of UW schools and departments placed prominently in the 2023 rankings — 41 placed in the top 10, and more than 100 in the top 35.
Leading the nation, the UW School of Medicine ranked No. 1 for both primary care education and for family medicine training. Other notable achievements in the top 10 are nursing, education, social work, computer science, business, public health and public affairs.
“Meeting the challenges facing our world will require deep expertise, innovation and discovery,” UW President Ana Mari Cauce said. “I am proud to see the UW’s outstanding researchers, educators and healthcare providers recognized for all that they do to address these challenges and train the next generation of professionals and Ph.D.s whose work will help to create a healthier, more equitable and more sustainable world.”
In addition to its No. 1 position in primary care education and family medicine training, the UW School of Medicine also placed No. 2 among public institutions for research. The school maintains its position as second in the nation in federal grant funding with $966 million of federal grants in 2020.
The UW School of Nursing received the No. 1 overall ranking for a public school offering a doctor of nursing practice program, and the No. 2 position overall. The nursing schools at UW Bothell and UW Tacoma collectively tied for No. 1 among public schools that offer a master’s degree, and placed No. 5 overall.
The UW School of Social Work tied for No. 2 in the nation alongside University of Chicago and Washington University in St. Louis. This is the highest ranking the school has received since the initiation of this national survey.
Ranked second among public institutions and third overall, the UW’s Evans School of Public Policy & Governance has maintained its top-10 ranking for the sixth consecutive year. The Evans School also ranked in the top 10 in the following areas: environmental policy, public finance and budgeting and nonprofit management.
Information about U.S. News & World Report’s methodology can be found here.
TOP 10:
Primary care medical schools: 1st
Family medicine: 1st
Law librarianship: 1st (ranked in 2017)
Environmental policy: 2nd
Library and information studies: Tied for 2nd (ranked in 2022)
Digital librarianship: Tie for 2nd (ranked in 2022)
Information systems (library and information studies): 2nd (ranked in 2022)
Microbiology: Tie for 2nd (ranked in 2019)
School of Social Work (overall): Three-way tie for 2nd
Doctor of Nursing Practice (overall): Three-way tie for 2nd
Biostatistics: 3rd
Evans School of Public Policy & Governance (overall): Five-way tie for 3rd
Computer science (programming language): 4th
Computer science (artificial intelligence): Three-way tie for 5th
Library services for children and youth: Tie for 5th (ranked in 2022)
Education (secondary education): 5th
Nurse practitioner (pediatric acute care): Two-way tie for 5th
Nursing master’s (overall): 5th
Nonprofit management: 5th
Psychology (clinical): Three-way tie for 5th (2021)
Computer science (overall): Three-way tie for 6th
Education (elementary education): 6th
Pediatrics: 6th
Physics (nuclear): Two-way tie for 6th
Education (special education): Tie for 7th
Pharmacy: Six-way tie for 7th (ranked in 2021)
Statistics: Four-way tie for 7th
Geriatrics: 7th (ranked in 2018)
Education (curriculum/instruction): 8th
Nurse midwifery: Three-way tie for 8th (ranked in 2021)
Public finance and budgeting: Tie for 8th
Engineering (computer): Four-way tie for 9th
Computer science (systems): 9th
School of Medicine (overall): 9th
School of Public Health (overall): 9th
Speech-language pathology: Six-way tie for 10th (ranked in 2022)
Chemistry (analytical): Two-way tie for 10th
Education (administration): 10th
Genetics/Genomics/Bioinformatics: Six-way tie for 10th
Nurse practitioner (family): 10th
Part-time (evening) MBA: 10th
TOP 25:
Anesthesiology: 19th
Biological sciences: Two-way tie for 23rd
Business (information systems): 17th
Business (marketing): Four-way tie for 22nd
Chemistry: Five-way tie for 25th
Chemistry (inorganic): 22nd
Computer science (theory): 11th
College of Education (overall): Tie for 12th
Earth sciences: 11th
Education (psychology): 13th
Education (policy): Three-way tie for 19th
College of Engineering (overall): Tie for 24th
Engineering (aerospace/aeronautical/astronautical): Three-way tie for 17th
Engineering (biomedical/bioengineering): Five-way tie for 13th
Engineering (chemical): Four-way tie for 20th
Engineering (civil): Eight-way tie for 17th
Engineering (electrical): Six-way tie for 19th
Engineering (environmental/environmental health): Five-way tie for 21st
Engineering (industrial/manufacturing/systems): Three-way tie for 21st
Foster School of Business (overall): Three-way tie for 22nd
Geology: Three-way tie for 15th
Geophysics/seismology: 11th
Health care management: Tie for 15th (ranked in 2019)
Internal medicine: 13th
Law (dispute resolution): Five-way tie for 19th (ranked in 2022)
Local government management: Two-way tie for 18th
Mathematics (applied math): Two-way tie for 18th
Mathematics (analysis): Three-way tie for 22nd
Mathematics (topology): Five-way tie for 20th
Nurse practitioner (adult, acute care): Tie for 13th (ranked in 2019)
Nurse practitioner (psychiatric/mental health): Three-way tie for 11th (ranked in 2021)
Obstetrics and gynecology: Two-way tie for 13th
Occupational therapy: Six-way tie for 23rd (ranked in 2021)
Physics: Three-way tie for 20th
Physician assistant: 14th (ranked in 2021)
Psychology: Seven-way tie for 23rd
Public management and leadership: 11th
Public policy analysis: 14th
Radiology: Three-way tie for 16th
School library media: Tie for 11th (ranked in 2022)
Social policy: 12th
Sociology: Three-way tie for 20th (ranked in 2022)
Sociology (population): Tie for 15th (ranked in 2022)
Surgery: Two-way tie for 20th
TOP 35:
Business (accounting): Six-way tie for 28th
Business (management): Four-way tie for 26th
Business (finance): Seven-way tie for 27th
Business (entrepreneurship): Seven-way tie for 27th
Business (executive MBA): Five-way tie for 31st
Engineering (materials): Six-way tie for 27th
Engineering (mechanical): Four-way tie for 34th
English: Seven-way tie for 32nd (ranked in 2022)
History: Four-way tie for 34th (ranked in 2022)
Law (environmental): Three-way tie for 31st
Law (clinical training): Eleven-way tie for 35th
Law (criminal): Seven-way tie for 32nd
Law (intellectual property law): Four-way tie for 28th
Law (tax law): Five-way tie for 34th
Mathematics: Three-way tie for 26th
Physical therapy: Nine-way tie for 25th (ranked in 2021)
Political science: Three-way tie for 34th (ranked in 2022)
Urban policy: Two-way tie for 27th
The above rankings were those available under embargo. More schools may be listed and this story will be updated.
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