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By Carina Stathis For Daily Mail Australia


A group of Australian women have revealed the high-income ‘dream’ careers they’re currently in – ranging from clinical psychologists to teachers and criminal lawyers.
But a career path that stood out above the rest was a railway signalling engineer, a job that averages $130,000 – $180,000 a year and has an average entry salary of $90,000.
This role involves designing systems used to control railroad traffic, including equipment on tracks, computer networks and failsafes; it requires a relevant bachelor degree in engineering and several years of experience in the rail industry.
The conversation was sparked after a savvy Aussie woman asked about ‘dream roles that pay well’ on the ‘She’s On The Money’ Facebook group.
‘Are you in your absolute DREAM job AND role that you’d never want to leave and [are] satisfied with your salary? If you tick all three, what do you do?’ she wrote. 
Aussie women are raving about their ‘dream job’ as a railway signalling engineer: ‘It’s the most positive, rewarding role it pays so well’ 
Signalling Engineers design systems used to control railroad traffic. They develop systems used to signal and control trains, including equipment on tracks, computer networks and failsafes. Controlling railroad traffic requires coordination between systems and rail companies to keep trains operating safely and smoothly. 
You usually need an engineering degree (four years) and several years of industry experience to become a Signalling Engineer. Cadetships may be available to graduates. Due to the critical infrastructure involved in the role, a background check may be required.
You will also need several years of professional experience in the rail industry. Many consider starting off as an assistant engineer. 
Source: Seek 
One woman said she adores working in rail engineering, despite it being a typically male-dominated industry.
‘I’m a railway signalling engineer and I’m thriving! The work is challenging but so rewarding! As a first-year graduate, my salary is pretty good but I know with time it’s going to be more than enough. I love the company (it was a dream since I was younger) and it’s so supportive,’ she said.
‘Another bonus is that they’re paying for me to get my graduate diploma in sig engineering. I studied a Bach of Sus. systems engineering, but most people studied electrical or mechanical.’
Another added: ‘I’m an engineer and work in the railways. I get overtime so it allows me to be compensated for the extra work/hours I am required to do at times.’
One woman worked as a Signalling Maintenance Technician and also had nothing but positive feedback on the career path. 
‘I’m also in signalling in VIC but as a SMT and love love love it! I have zero negative to report from my position we have a huge range of different people in our positions and I love every part of it.’
Others said they work as an occupational therapist, psychologist, librarian or education support worker.
‘I left a really well-paying job in tertiary education to pursue a career in marketing and couldn’t be happier. I took a massive pay cut (about $20K) at the start but working for a company I love, on tasks I find mentally stimulating and enjoy has been 100 per cent worth it!’ another woman said.
Others said they work as an occupational therapist, psychologist, librarian and education support workers (stock image) 
In Australia, surgeons top of the list of highest-paid workers in the country with the average salary of $390,000, according to the tax returns of 14million people recorded by the Australian taxation office. 
Anaesthetists closely follow behind surgeons with an average of $386,000 per year, along with internal medicine specialists on $304,000 per year.  
Financial dealers rake in an average of $275,000 per year, while psychiatrists earn $235,000 annually. 
1. Surgeon – average salary: $394,303 
2. Anaesthetist – average salary: $386,065 
3. Internal Medicine Specialist – average salary: $304,752 
4. Financial Dealer – average salary: $275,984 
5. Psychiatrist – average salary: $235,558
Source: Monarch Institute
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