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DIA is committed to hiring exceptional talent for a variety of career opportunities that span the globe to help support our mission. The majority of our hiring is done at the entry-level through invitation-only hiring events; however, vacancies may be posted for mid- and senior-level positions as mission dictates.
Once you are invited to interview and receive a conditional job offer, you must be granted a security clearance before the hiring process can be finalized. The Government considers many factors when granting security clearances, including citizenship, drug use, and personal integrity and conduct.
DIA’s No. 1 resource is its people, and the Agency has many benefits and programs in place to support a healthy work/life balance for its officers. Some of these benefits include:
As a DIA officer, you have the opportunity to see the world through many lenses. You can:
DIA operates in more than 140 facilities around the world. Our Analysis officers are stationed at a wide array of locations, including:
For candidates currently in the pre-employment process: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, allow at least 120 days before being contacted by a DIA representative. If you have any questions or concerns during this time, feel free to reach out to the point of contact annotated on your conditional job offer.
DIA offers valuable work experience for college students at every education level. With a variety of programs, internships and entry-level career options, DIA seeks the best and brightest students and recent graduates to bring their knowledge and skills to our diverse workforce.
DIA's student internship programs provide high-achieving university and college students from accredited institutions throughout the United States with the opportunity to use their degrees in real world settings while continuing their education, thereby better preparing them for careers upon graduation.
The Intelligence Community Wounded Warrior Internship Program is a unique IC initiative that aligns with the DoD'S Operation Warfighter Program and the 17 IC agencies. ICWWP provides wounded, ill and injured active duty service members with meaningful work experiences intended to assist with their recuperation and transition into the workforce through internship opportunities within the IC.
IC internships provide recovering service members the opportunity to build their resumes with valuable Federal Government work experience, explore employment interests and develop additional job skills.


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