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Check IAS Dr Neha Jain’s success story. She is an IAS Officer posted in Firozabad. Neha’s success story is a motivation for all the females who wish to lead the country. 
Humans are known for their ambitious attitude. In his one life, man wishes to serve society to his best. Who other than a medical practitioner can serve society better? However, being a Doctor is not enough for some people. They wish to come into direct connection with the people of the country and nothing better than being a Civil servant helps them do that. 
Today we have come up with the story of Dr Neha Jain, whose wish to serve the people became her motivation to become a Civil Servant. She achieved this feat by topping the UPSC Civil Services exam. Dr Neha Jain is a wonderful example for those who aim beyond the skies. Check her UPSC Success story below. 
Neha Jain was born and brought up in New Delhi. Her parents are PK Jain and Mrs Manjulata Jain. Both her parents work in New Assurance Company Ltd. Her younger brother is also a medical practitioner. Neha was a meritorious student since her childhood. She became a dentist thus. Neha studied at NK Bagrodia Public School where she completed her 10th and 12th standard. She graduated from Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences with a degree in dentistry. She worked as a Dental consultant in Oberoi Dental Clinic as well. 
However, something was always missing. Her desire to serve society felt slipping from her hands. It was then she decided to go for an authoritative job. What other than UPSC CSE can give someone an opportunity to participate in the policymaking, or become a leader? Neha was, however, ready to take the authority and fulfil her responsibilities. 
Dr Neha joined a coaching class where she targeted completing current affairs on an everyday basis. 
She did not quit her job. As we had discussed earlier, how students have stopped quitting their jobs to prepare for the Civil Services exam, Dr Neha was following a similar path. 
Neha believed that if she gave 4-5 hours every day for her CSE preparation, she could succeed. In times of technology, one does not need to go to a class in person. There are many institutes that are running virtual classes which was a good option for Dr Neha. 
Neha started with the basics. She read the newspaper editorials every day to increase her writing skills and never let current affairs skip her schedule. She gave mock tests and took the competition healthily. A bad rank meant she had to work harder while a good rank gave her the motivation needed. Neha studied all the subjects of Static GK regularly and left time for revision as well. She says,” You do not need many sources, just one book per subject is ok.”
Revising traditional books is essential. 
For Mains, she suggests practising answer writing. Also candidates today can post their answers on many websites. Writing 4-5 answers is essential every day. Including the points in answer writing is also essential, she said. 
She says, “Having knowledge is ok, but what good would it do if you cannot present it well on paper?”
Neha’s optional was law. So she found the GS II paper easier compared to others. For ethics, she suggests reading limited content and depending more on wit. 
She asked candidates to prepare notes well mostly related to case studies. 
Following this strategy, Neha succeeded in UPSC 2017 securing 14th rank. Check Neha’s Marksheet below. She is currently posted as the Chief Development Officer in Firozabad. 
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