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The big data and data engineering services market is expected to see market growth at a rate of 24.13% in the forecast period of 2022 to 2029, as per a report by Data Bridge Market Research. Given the growth potential, now is the right time to invest in a course to help you build a rewarding career in big data. The  SRM Institute of Science and Technology (accredited and approved by AICTE) is offering an MTech in Data Engineering with a curriculum covering Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts extensively. The classes will be held at the Chennai Main campus during the weekends.
Why SRM Institute of Science & Technology?
SRM University is one of the best universities in the country and has won several accolades over the years:
Curriculum Overview
Open Electives for Data engineering: Operations research, Industrial safety, Entrepreneurship and IPR, business analysis and communication, professional ethics

The fee for this course is INR 5,00,000. You must pay the admission fee and first instalment before the program starts, followed by three equal quarterly instalments. ( Examination fee is not included in the program fee).
Rs. 299/month
Early Bird Passes expire on 3rd Feb
Conference, in-person (Bangalore)
Rising 2023 | Women in Tech Conference
16-17th Mar, 2023
Conference, in-person (Bangalore)
Data Engineering Summit (DES) 2023
27-28th Apr, 2023
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Sigmoid provides the right mix of opportunities, technology upskilling, and business use cases to build your dream career as a data professional.
The generalisation of overparameterised neural networks has long piqued the curiosity of the machine learning community.
The medical field is also using Deep Learning and FPGAs specifically for smart surgery, smart surgical equipment etc.
We specialise in the development of Proprietary Tube Structures, On-Track Propulsion and Levitation Mechanisms and Vehicle Engineering.
Graph neural networks that can operate on the graph data can be considered graph neural networks. Using graph data any neural network is required to perform tasks using the vertices or nodes of the data.
Earlier in January, Oasis released their guidelines for the companies, the User Safety Standard list.
The article discusses the importance of risk management information system for Chief Risk Officers to address risks appropriately. Such information system helps in identifying hidden and correlated risks to plan for mitigating action in advance. The article advocates a need for CRO to use advance digital technology to facilitate automated risk information management system including the predictive capability to have early view of risks.
A common perception is that operation research (OR) is not useful for data science; furthermore, the overlap between data science and OR is misunderstood.
Propensity modelling is a set of approaches to predictive models that help in forecasting the behaviour of the target audience.
A data science team can be thought of in terms of a cricket team. The team’s success depends on batsmen, bowlers, a captain, a coach, and performance analysts. All must work in tandem to ensure success. 
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