UPSC 2022: Target Prelims! One Month To Go For CSE- What To Study & What To Leave? – Jagran Josh

Target UPSC 2022 (Prelims) is an initiative of Jagran Josh to help the candidates of UPSC Civil Services Exam 2022 to clear the Prelims with ease. Today know the most important part of any preparation- What to study and what to leave!
UPSC 2022 Civil Services Prelims Exam would be conducted within a month from now. Target UPSC 2022 is a series initiated by Jagran Josh to help the candidates of UPSC Civil Services Prelims. The aspirants of Civil Services would be appearing for UPSC CSE Prelims 2022 on June 5, 2022. Candidates must know what to study and what to leave at this moment so that they can get selected and become an IAS soon.  The tips would be handy for the aspirants who are quite serious for their selection this year. 
The candidates of CSE are in the final month of their preparation now. There will be many candidates who would have already started feeling butterflies in their stomachs by now. With the exams nearing the aspirants must start brushing up on their syllabus. Follow the tips shared below to increase your chances of selection. 
The suggestions below are based on various experts and previously successful candidate interviews.  It has been a general trend seen in successful candidates that they did not do much theory reading in the final days of the exam. Instead, they just relied on paper solving and finding answers from it. So, the one thing that can be skipped is the big reference books you picked while you started your preparation. It is a waste as you may not be able to finish the book anyway. 
You can skip newspaper reading at this time and follow the weekly magazines of current affairs that have readymade content for you. 
Do not go through complete theory while solving the papers. Skip reading all books read during the past year. Candidates do not have to revise their complete syllabus using the only big books they possess.  
Skip Mains Subject Study for this month: You do not need to read your Mains optional subject during the last and final month. Pick up the books and notes of the thing once the CSE Prelims 2022 is over. 
Skip talking on the phone for longer hours as this makes you weary and kills your concentration. 
Reduce your screen time to keep yourself healthy and focused. 
Skip eating at unhealthy outlets and try to find places that are more hygienic. 
Skip reading NCERTs now in case you have missed reading one. However, in case you are eager to complete a part of the syllabus which has been missed by you and is essential, the only go-to book should be NCERT in this case.
Skip reference books unless very necessary. 
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