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Hello Readers, I’m Aakash Dudhat. Civil Engineer by profession. I am the founder/creator of Behind Civil Engg Notes and a Blogging Strategist + Side Hustler. I created this Civil Engg Notes – Civil Engineering blog in Jan 2020 for sharing my all Civil Engineering knowledge, idea, experience with a proper solution to solve ups and downs in the construction/Real Estate business also for students, engineers, contractors, labor to expand their knowledge, adopt digital technology in civil engineering. The source of my knowledge is my 8 years of CE career in Civil Engineering Field, Structure Engineering, Construction, Designing, and Planning also One Hobby is related to CSE so 5 years of self-study and now successful Web designer & Digital Marketer so I come in front of you with a combination of Civil Engineering with CSE and make a digital solution in civil engineering for you.

Difference between cement mortar, cement concrete & RCC?

Cement Mortar:-  A paste obtained by adding water to a mixture of fine aggregates such as sand and binding material.   Building mortars are mixtures, used for the joining of bricks and stones. Cement mortar Plain Cement Concrete:-   The mixture of cement, fine aggregate (sand) and  coarse aggregate is called plain cement concrete (PCC) PCC is mainly …

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