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Magnetic Crack Detector as NDT Test of Concrete

Magnetic Crack Detector as NDT Test of Concrete

Electroflux Magnetic Crack Detector equipment is designed for non-destructive testing (NDT Test) of ferrous iron and steel parts. Electroflux equipment will locate cracks and other defects in parts which can be magnetized. When properly used, Electroflux will locate such defects as fatigue cracks, heat cracks, grinding checks, forgings laps, shrinks and tears in castings, improper welds and inherent defects in metal such as seams and inclusions as well as cracks due to over stressing of parts. These defects may not be visible to the naked eye but can be located rapidly and accurately with this equipment.

How to Improve the Bearing Capacity of Soil

How to Improve the Bearing Capacity of Soil?

The ultimate bearing power or ultimate bearing capacity of a soil is the minimum load per unit area, which causes failure to the soil. It is known that a load of any structure is finally transmitted to the soil lying below the foundation of the structure. Hence it is very essential to know the strength and behaviour of the underlying soil. Bearing capacity of the soil is its ability to support the load coming over it per unit area without causing excessive settlement and displacement.


What Is Repair And Rehabilitation Of Structure

Introduction: Repair and Rehabilitation is the process of improving an existing structure for new conditions of use. It aims at restoring the structure to its original service level it once had and has now lost. In some cases, this consists of giving the structure the service level which was intended, but could not be attained …

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Different Types of Failure of Foundation

Introduction Types of foundation failure depend on the load it is subjected to. A foundation can fail in three different ways under loads. They are as follows: Punching shear failure of the foundation One-way shear failure of the foundation Flexure failure of the foundation. The above three modes of failure should be checked during the design …

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Introduction To Building Construction

Introduction Man Requires different types of building: houses, bungalows & flats for living; hospitals & health centers for health; schools; colleges & universities for education; banks, shops, offices, buildings & factories for doing work; railway buildings, bus stations & air terminals for transportation; clubs, theaters & cinema houses for recreation; and temples, mosques, churches, dharmshalas …

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