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Welcome to the Civil Engineer's Community Center.

Here, I’ll be sharing some background information about ‘Civil Engineering Notes’ and ‘Dibyandu Pal’ (The Guy behind this blog).


Civil Engineering Notes was started back in 31st January 2018.

The main purpose of starting this blog is to provide civil engineering information to other Civil Engineers in taking their carrier to the next level and helping them.

Here I’ll cover the following topics.


My name is Dibyandu Pal— the guy behind this blog.

A Civil Engineer and a young part-time blogger.logo

I started my website in Last of January 2018. In my 7 years of Student Life & carrier, I have gone through a lot of books. I have learnt a lot during this time, so I decided to start a new blog and share what I’ve learnt so far. On the 31st of January 2018, my test blog My Civil Notes was live. After a few months, I finally started my professional blog. Yes, this is the blog I am talking about, Civil Engineering Notes.

I hope you will enjoy the blog.

This blog has been designed in order to provide its readers with some of the most valuable information in the field of civil engineering.

You can connect me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Contact Me here.

If you have any suggestion, complain, feedback, feel free to write in the feedback and announcement forum.

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