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Download & Install AutoCAD 2019 (32 + 64 bit) Full Version with Crack


Here we share the Latest Windows AutoCAD 2019 (32 + 64 bit) Full Version with crack tools (Keygen, Patch, and Serial number).


This topic for Windows users only.

AutoCAD 2019 is the latest version of CAD software, indispensable in the construction industry as well as mechanical engineering, it can create 2D or 3D surface engineering drawings. This is one of the famous graphics software developed by Autodesk Corporation.

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This is a software application for many objects, used for many technical specialities today. For students such as architecture, construction, irrigation or engineering, AutoCAD software is one of the tools to assist effectively in the project of forming the technical drawing process.

AutoCAD 2019 (32 + 64 bit) Full Crack – FREE Download

The following are for windows version only.

  • 64 bit:
1.73 GB
  • 32 bit:
1.10 GB


This Process is quite old now. So, It may not work with all computer. So, Either follow the below process or install A GENUINE EDUCATIONAL VERSION for 1 year.

How to crack AutoCAD 2019?

  • Step 1: Use the following serial number: 667-98989898, 400-45454545 or 066-66666666
  • Step 2: Use the following Product Key: 001J1
  • Step 3: Depend on the versions you are using (x64 or x86), run “nlm11.14.1.3_ipv4_ipv6_win64.msi” or “nlm11.14.1.3_ipv4_ipv6_win32.msi”
  • Step 4: Copy then Paste and replace the adlmint.dll file into C:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\CLM\V5\MSVC14
  • Step 5: Copy then replace the “adskflex.exe” file into C:\Autodesk\Network License Manager
  • Step 6: Open the Crack Folder, you will find the lic.dat file, then make the following modification:


  • Step 7: Open LMTOOLS Utility file, do the following things:
    + Choose “Config Services” tab + Make the “Service Name”: Autocad2019.
    + From “Path to the Imgrd.exe file” choose: C:\Autodesk\Network License Manager\Imgrd.exe
    + From “Path to the license file”, click on Browse, find the following direction: C:\Autodesk\Autodesk Network License Manager 2019 Crack…\lic.dat.
    + Check all options like the following screenshot, then click on Save Service


  • Step 8:  Go back to the “Service/License File” tab, and “Start/Stop/Reread” tab, check all the options like the following screenshots:


  • From “Server Status” tab, Click “Perform Status Enquiry”, if you get the following information, you get the job done!


Alternet (and best) method

  • First Turn off your internet connection [important]
  • install AutoCAD 2019 trial setup from the official site.
  • Download the crack file from here.
  • After installation makes sure your antivirus software isn’t running.
  • Follow instructions to apply Crack, provided in the crack folder. [Important]
  • Do not update AutoCAD after successful activation.

NB: – I do not create the cracked version of the software, nor I host the files in the above available links. Please support the official release.

I hope this article will help you. You may also want to see my other post from my blog.  If I have missed anything here, please let me know about that in the comment below this post.

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Happy Learning.

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6 months ago

i cant find lic.dat in c/autodesk/….to path to license file. how?

Akash kR
Akash kR
7 months ago

Anyone can run this software?
because my 1.8gb is waste.
And it is online software so it is very hard to crack this software…..

adrian dizon
adrian dizon
9 months ago

im having problem on finding the lic.dat file its now showing on LMTOOL when i tried to locate it it locate the folders but not the specific file

Please help

9 months ago

I’m getting error


Flexible License Manager status on Sat 9/28/2019 19:45

[Detecting lmgrd processes…]
Error getting status: Invalid license file syntax.
License path: C:\Autodesk\lic.dat;
FlexNet Licensing error:-2,40027

9 months ago

Sorry boss…..
but screenshots not showing if any one can send it I’m cannot complete without it .

please send
[email protected]
[email protected]

Person 1
Person 1
9 months ago

The download links either don’t work or are too confusing to navigate. Put it on Google Drive or Dropbox please and then distribute the link.

10 months ago

hi i have do all the steps but when ı open autocad and click on enter seriale number it give me

licanse error

“The License manager is not functioning or is improperly installed.”

10 months ago

did you open lic.dat as admin ?
when i open the file idont see anything

Mac OS X 2 ­ ß ATTR ß ˜ G ˜ G com.apple.quarantine q/0083;5b745ade;The\x20Unarchiver;229780A8-0687-4BA7-A7B3-02868570F050

how i will use this ?

Jonh Lemon
Jonh Lemon
10 months ago

Hello Manel Mandes,

“001K1” solved the problem.

But trying to start app I get:
“The License manager is not functioning or is improperly installed.”

In LMTOOLS in ‘server diags’ I get:
“This license cannot be checked out because:
Version of vendor daemon is too old.
Feature: 87027SIMDFM_2018_0F
License path: C:\Autodesk\Network License Manager\lic.dat;
FlexNet Licensing error:-83,147”

Any ideas?

Ichhwak Malhare
Ichhwak Malhare
4 months ago
Reply to  Jonh Lemon

Have you find any solution regarding this let me know.
ichwakmalhare[email protected]

1 year ago

The autocad still running as student version with the watermark…

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