Dry process of cement

Dry process

These are two different processes of manufacturing cement. wet process minerals are wet ground (by adding water) to form a slurry and then dried, dry process minerals are dry ground to form a powder like substance.Both the processes are in use and have their own advantages and disadvantages.While in wet process grinding is easier,in dry process there is a saving in fuel costs involved in drying up the slurry.

  1. Mixing of raw material in dry state in blenders.
  2. The dry materials exiting the mill are called “kiln feed”.
  3. Size of the kiln needed for manufacturing of cement is smaller.
  4. Difficult to control mixing of Raw materials, so it is difficult to obtain a better homogeneous material.
  5. Fuel consumption is low i.e., 100 kg of coal per tonne of cement produced.
  6. Cost of production is less.
  7. Capital cost is high due to blenders.

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