Why we can’t use sea sand in building construction?

We do not use use sea sand in construction due to following reasons

  1. Sea sand  tends to very fine and rounded, Smooth rounded particles would offer less resistance to rearrangement than angular or elongated particles with rough surfaces.
  2. In sea water, chloride is present which will cause corrosion of steel and iron which ultimately leads to reducing carrying capacity of steel and iron, so that the structure built using this may not be sustainable.

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    Corrosion of reinforcement 
  3. Sea sand contains large amount of salt particles and also dirt particles like macro microscopic.it is very expensive to remove them and it’s a tedious process.

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    Salt  content in sea sand
  4. Sea sand does not have high compressive strength, high tensile strength, so it cannot be used in construction activities.
  5. Sea sand contains salts which deteriorates the plastered surface and the slab surface and in the long run cause seepage in the building.

    Image result for seepage in the building
    Seepage in building
  6. The salt in sea sand tends to absorb moisture from atmosphere, bringing dampness.

    Image result for DAMPNESS ON SURFACE
    Dampness on walls 

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